How to Mount a GoPro to a Bow

How to Mount a GoPro to a BowMounting a GoPro to a Bow.  It’s not difficult.  You just need the proper parts.

In this article, we look at the parts needed to effectively mount a GoPro to a bow.

The first thing that’s important is whether you plan to use the weatherproof case on your GoPro while it’s mounted to the bow.  That’s what determines the type of mount.  We recommend using the weatherproof case.  It offers additional protection from weather elements as well as accidental drops.  Most of our mount recommendations use the weatherproof case but a few can use the tripod hole on the bottom of the bare camera.

Most bow mounts attach to the stabilizer on the bow.  Most stabilizer holes measure 5/16″ – 24 threaded so ensure that this pattern exists on your bow as well as the mount that is purchased.  Most bow camera mounts then extend several inches to account for the depth of the camera.  Most GoPro HERO cameras are a little wider than most.  Be sure to measure the depth and ensure the mount will accommodate the depth.

Let’s look at some products that can be used to mount a GoPro to a bow.

The photo that accompanies this article combines two products.  The Midland Bow Mount for Action Cameras is a basic camera mount for a bow.  This is a solid metal mount with the  5/16″ – 24 threaded stabilizer pattern on one end and then curves up to a 1/4″ – 20 threaded pattern on the camera end.  The camera end has a small round support shelf.  If you just want to mount your GoPro to a bow without the weatherproof case, stop here.  That’s all that is needed.

The photo shows a GoPro HERO in the weatherproof case.  We added the GoPro Tripod Adapter to that Midland Bow Mount we just discussed.  This inexpensive adapter has the grooves made to line up with the bottom of the GoPro weatherproof case.  You are going to use the knob that came with your GoPro when it was purchased.  That knob is going to attach to this adapter similarly to any GoPro mount.  Just insert the GoPro within the weatherproof case, line up the holes and insert and twist the knob into the nut.  All done.

Something a little heavier duty comes next.  The Bowfinger Archery Bow Mount for GoPro has the special connection needed for the case.  It’s made of aluminum and comes with a lifetime warranty.  This mount connects to the stabilizer and puts the GoPro a bit off to the side.  There are two mounting holes to select from.  The mount is drilled and tapped to counterbalance the GoPro.  This one isn’t made to fit a standard camera.  Only a GoPro HERO in the weatherproof case.

These are two good solutions for mounting a GoPro to a bow.  They both use the same means to attach the camera to the bow.  There are a few other methods that can be deployed including the use of a flat adhesive mount directly to the riser.  I prefer using the stabilizer hole as it’s a temporary solution that can be easily removed.  Using adhesive on the riser makes it a permanent fixture.