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We recommend mounts for the most popular phone models.

GPS Mounts

The latest GPS models often require mounts other than the one in the box.

Treadmill Mounts for an Apple iPad

Tablet Mounts

We recommend mounts for tablets at home or in your vehicle.

Garmin Nuvi on a Motorcycle

Motorcycle Mounts

Motorcycle model specific recommendations for mounting a phone, GPS or camera.

Hyundai Tucson Interior

Car Model Mount Recommendations

Car model specific recommendations for phone, GPS and tablets mounts.

Satellite Radio Mounts

Recommendations for mounting your Sirius / XM satellite radio.

Camera Mounts

We discuss mounts for all cameras including action cams.

Radar Detector Mounts

Alternative mounts for popular radar detector models.

Marine Mounts

All sorts of mounts for boats, kayaks and fishing poles.

Ham Radio and Scanner Mounts

A discussion of car mounts for HAM radios and scanners.

Mobile Apps

When we find a good app, we cover it on our site. We also give some tips on using Waze.

Other Mounts

If it's not in the other categories, you will find it here.

Phone, Tablet and GPS Mounts for a Mazda CX-30

Today, we are going to take a close look at the Mazda CX-30.  It’s Mazda’s subcompact SUV entry.  Had a lot of space in the front seat for a small SUV. Mount Analysis We recently took a look at the Mazda CX-90 which is much larger cousin to this model. …

Phone, Tablet and GPS Mounts for a Mazda CX-90

Today, we had an opportunity to scope out a big new Mazda CX-90.  This is a large 7-seater SUV with some interesting mount challenges. Mount Analysis Our usual obligatory interior photo accompanies this article.  Nice spacious interior with a few surprises. You may instantly think that with an interior as…

Acura Integra Phone and GPS Mounts

The Acura Integra is a nice car but not the easiest to find good mount locations for a phone or GPS.  It’s almost like the engineers got together over lunch and decided to make a concerted effort to make it as hard as possible to mount a device. Hopefully we…

Lexus TX 350 Phone, Tablet and GPS Mounts

The Lexus TX 350 was introduced in late 2023.  It’s a very nice, decently large vehicle with a few mounting challenges. We have already analyzed a few Lexus SUVs including the RX 350.  This SUV seems a little larger and the mounting challenges are quite similar. A lot of the…

PBA Shield Mounts (FOP Shields too)

PBA (or FOP) shields seems to be a New Jersey or New York thing.  We’re going to talk about PBA shield mounts.  There are also FOP shields and the advice in this article applies to those too. What is a PBA Shield? It works like this.  You have a close…

Honda Pilot Phone, GPS and Tablet Mounts

The Honda Pilot is much larger than expected and far more difficult to mount a device in than anticipated.  We take a look at how to mount a cell phone, tablet or GPS in a Honda Pilot. Honda Pilot Mounting Locations A photo of the interior of a Honda Pilot…

Mounts for the myQ Smart Garage Camera

Today we will be looking at some mounting ideas for the myQ Smart Garage Camera.  It’s one of those niche security cameras that is best suited for owners of a garage door opener that works with the myQ ecosystem.  That’s primarily Liftmaster and Chamberlain. It’s a basic camera that integrates…

Mounts for the Wyze Cam Pan v3

The Wyze Cam Pan v3 is a peculiarly shaped pan and tilt camera from one of our favorite manufacturers.  But, giving credit where it’s due, this works really well. We previously examined ways to mount the original Wyze Cam Pan and found some great ideas.  Let’s find some good mount…

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