Bicycle Mounts for GoPro Cameras

Arkon GP234 is an excellent bicycle mount for GoPro CamerasGoPro continues to be the dominant brand for action cameras sold all over the world.  We see a GoPro camera in almost every activity.  Just search Youtube and you will see for yourself.  One of the most common places to mount a GoPro is a bicycle and today we take a close look at bicycle mounts for GoPro cameras.  We will also discuss some specific options that work well on bicycles.

First, figure out where you would like to place the mount.  Most bicycle mounts for GoPro cameras will reside on a handlebar.  Although a few may select the stem, it’s going to get in the way of safety, so it’s not recommended.  Go with the handlebar.  Measure your handlebar to determine the diameter.  That’s the width across the handlebar, not the circumference which is the width all the way around the handlebar.  Most will measure an inch or less.

The second decision to be made is use of the weatherproof case.  This is important because use of the case means that a mount that’s specific to the GoPro weatherproof case must be used.  If the GoPro is out of the case, there is a small tripod screw hole on the bottom.  That screw hole measures 1/4″ – 20 thread.  Use of the weatherproof is recommended.  Although it adds a small amount of bulk, it provides protection for the GoPro, not just from weather, but debris from the ride like small pebbles and even dust.  All of the bicycle mounts for GoPro cameras that we will recommend require the use of the case.

So on to the bicycle mounts for GoPro cameras discussion.  We will cover the most common types of mounts for handlebar attachment.  Stay away from using clamp mounts on a handlebar as they aren’t meant for use in a high vibration environment and you risk having the camera pop off in the middle of your ride.  Also avoid adhesive and suction mounts for the same reason.

My personal favorite method of bicycle attachment is a strap mount such as the Arkon Handlebar Strap Mount for GoPro.  These fit all the GoPro models made to date and are specifically made to fit the GoPro weatherproof case.  It even includes the knob to attach the case to the mount so you won’t have to use the knob that came with the GoPro.  Attachment is incredible easy as the strap pulls through a buckle type of locking mechanism and fits handlebars measuring up to 1.9 inches (50 mm) in diameter.  The mount is easy to attach and remove although you may find it’s easier to simply leave it attached when not in use as it is very low profile and barely noticeable.

The Nordic Handlebar Mount for GoPro Cameras is another example of a low profile mount.  These are made to fit the GoPro weatherproof case and includes a knob to tighten and hold the case to the mount.  These fit handlebar diameters ranging from 0.44″ to 1.38″ diameter.  These attach to the handlebar using dual tightening knobs.  These mounts are made of a hardened plastic.  It comes with a second joint attachment meaning that you can swivel the camera more so than the previous mount.

A very heavy duty mount for a handlebar is the RAM Handlebar Mount for GoPro.  This is a serious mount for any handlebar.  This heavy duty mount is often found on motorcycles but can be deployed on a bicycle as well.  The mount is made of metal and comes with a lifetime warranty.  There are adjustment points at the base and the tip where the camera attaches.  Like the prior mount, this is for the weatherproof case that came with the GoPro.  These fit handlebars up to 1.25 inches.  This is not a low profile mount and stands roughly three inches off the handlebar.

It should also be mentioned that it is possible to catch the action behind you by mounting a GoPro to your seat post.  Some mounts can also be used on the seat post, just measure the diameter and ensure that you have the real estate to mount the camera.