Tablet Mounts for Back Seat Taxicab Passengers

Just finished writing an article about mounts for taxi drivers, and we’re on a roll so here’s our entry on mounts for taxicab passengers. Why would a taxi owner want to do this?  Passenger convenience and better tips.  This is especially applicable to Uber and Lyft drivers.  Also for limo drivers.  It can be a long drive to the airport, why not watch a movie or something from NetFlix.  Your passengers could be especially grateful for this mount is they have small children.  You could provide your own tablet or have the passenger use their own. If using your own … Read more

Taxi Cab Driver Phone, Tablet and GPS Mounts

Our site has been around for a long time.  Surprisingly, the subject of taxi cab phone, tablet and GPS mounts hasn’t been covered before.  So today, we look at mounts for a taxi cab. There are a two topics for mounts in a taxi cab namely the driver and passenger.  We will cover mounts for taxi drivers in this article.  While the driver is likely using the mount as a GPS or music app, the passenger might use it for entertainment in the back seat. It’s important with any mount that your attention remains on driving.  never use a mount … Read more

weBoost Drive Sleek Mounts for Cars and Trucks

The weBoost Drive Sleek is a great accessory for improving cellular reception in your car or truck.  We recently reviewed the weBoost Drive Sleek and found it delivered on its claims improving reception significantly.  The included mount allows you to place the device on the car’s air vent.  If the vent mount isn’t for you, don’t despair because today, we’re looking at weBoost Drive Sleek mounts for cars and trucks. weBoost used to be called Wilson Electronics and we covered mounts for their older generation cell phone booster awhile back.  The weBoost Drive Sleek is an updated version of that … Read more

Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL Car and Motorcycle Mounts

Continuing their successful phone line, Google has refreshed their smartphone lineup.  Picking up on similar generational naming standards used by Samsung and Apple, they simply added a generation and introduced the Google Pixel 2 and Google Pixel 2 XL. The dimensions are different versus the first generation of the Google Pixel line.  The good news is that if you are upgrading from the first generation, and followed our advice about using a universal mount, there’s a good chance it will fit the new Pixel 2 equivalent. So let’s look at the dimensions of both new phones.  The Pixel 2 checks … Read more

Phone, GPS and Tablet Mounts for an Infiniti QX60

The Infiniti QX60 is a really nice and really large SUV.  We have typically found mounting a phone, GPS or tablet easier in larger vehicles than smaller vehicles.  Surpisingly, the Infiniti QX60 didn’t fit this profile. Our typical photo of the interior of the Infiniti QX60 accompanies this article.  It’s nicer than most living rooms.  The Infiniti QX60 interior is reminiscent of a cross between the traditionally styled Nissan Pathfinder and bazaar shaped Nissan Murano.  A lot of room on the dash, a long reach to the windshield, all coupled with unusually shaped air vents. The windshield is a good … Read more

Phone and GPS Mounts for a Mazda 3

Figuring the Mazda 3 is your typical intermediate car, I was surprised by the complexity involved finding good places to mount a phone or GPS.  You can completely forget about a tablet, not enough space in this smaller vehicle. A photo of the interior of a Mazda 3 accompanies this article.  A surprisingly long reach to the windshield complicated by a strange console popping up from the dash.  This popup console complicates a lot of mounting possibilities and completely voids the potential to mount anything to the dashboard. Equally as difficult will be using a CD player mount.  Why?  Because … Read more