GoPro Helmet Mounts: A Few Good Recommendations

GoPro on a HelmetThere are lots of places to mount a GoPro.  We typically concentrate on mounts for vehicles, today we are looking at a different mounting purpose.  GoPro helmet mounts seemed strange to me when these action cameras first came out.  I didn’t think anyone would want to put anything on their helmet.  I was wrong.

Today, there are many different types of GoPro helmet mounts.  Some use the weatherproof case that comes with the GoPro, others use the 1/4″ – 20 threaded tripod screw hole on the bottom of the GoPro without the weatherproof case.  I suggest using the weatherproof case.  The GoPro can use all the protection it can get.  Since it’s being mounted onto a helmet, that likely qualifies as a rugged environment.  The case will protect the camera somewhat in case the camera (or you) falls to the ground.  Not using the case increases the chances of a damaged GoPro.

As you look at GoPro helmet mounts, I would caution consideration of unknown manufacturers.  I have heard of the grooves on some third-party brands not fitting the weatherproof case grooves properly.  You can’t go wrong with ones made by GoPro however there are a few third-party brands that I have known to fit without any issues.  For purposes of this article, we’re going to only consider helmet mounts made by GoPro.

Let’s look at a few good GoPro helmet mounts.  A lot of people think of adhesive as soon as you mention a helmet, but there are a few other good options as well.

The GoPro Headstrap Mount is one of the original helmet mounts.  It’s made by GoPro and fits the weatherproof grooves quite well.  This mount is marketed for use with or without a helmet.  I would forego using this on your head.  It’s going to look silly and will not feel right.  This strap mount is best used with a helmet.  There is a strap that goes around the side of the helmet and one that goes over the top.  It’s a temporary mount so when you’re done with the GoPro, simply loosen the buckles and remove the mount.

The GoPro Helmet Front and Side Mount was recently introduced by GoPro.  This attaches to the side or top of a helmet using included adhesive disks or an integrated mounting buckle.  This mount is far superior to the original adhesive helmet mounts that were available when GoPro first came mount.  The original adhesive mounts were stable so to get the best angle, you moved your head.  This one has a few swivel features built-in so that you can keep your eyes straight and simply angle the mount how it’s needed.

Lastly, the GoPro Vented Helmet Mount is another strap mount except this is one that fits through the vents of a helmet.  I like this one even better than the first one we discussed as there is an adjustment point so that you can point the camera up or down.  The key to using this particular mount successfully is to ensure the grip is tight before use.  Like the other mounts, this is made by GoPro to attach to the included weatherproof case.

Be sure to select a helmet that meets the proper safety standard for your application. Follow the helmet manufacturer’s instructions on safe helmet use.  Also, consider use of a safety tether such as the Goma Lasso on your camera as an added precaution.