Car Dashboard GoPro Mounts for Using Your GoPro as a Dash Cam

Arkon GP198 is an excellent choice for those looking at car dashboard GoPro mountsA lot of GoPro owners have discovered these cameras can be used as a dash cam.  Makes sense.  All the GoPro models record onto a removable SD card, so do most dash cams.  I’m surprised that GoPro doesn’t pick this up for their marketing as it’s a nice additional use for their cameras and there is a huge market for dash cameras.  That’s the reason for our article on car dashboard GoPro mounts.

As I search the mount universe for mounts specifically made for a GoPro on a car dash, there are very few.  Now, keep in mind, there are two ways to mount a GoPro camera.  With the weatherproof case and without the case.  If using the GoPro weatherproof case, you need to use that grooved adapter on the bottom.  If taking the case off, a tripod screw hole is found on the bottom.  Most like to use the case as it protects the GoPro but if you don’t mind taking off the case, take a look at our article called Car Dash Camera Mounts for some good ideas.

So my first trick is to figure out how to use a regular camera car dash mount for a GoPro camera.  The GoPro Tripod Adapter is what is used to turn an everyday tripod into a GoPro tripod.  Most car mounts used for cameras share the same screw size as a tripod which has a 1/4″ – 20 thread pattern.  Simply screwing the GoPro Tripod Adapter onto a mount used for a standard camera will do the trick.  This inexpensive adapter has the grooved made to line up with the bottom of the GoPro weatherproof case.  You are going to use the knob that came with your GoPro when it was purchased.  That knob is going to attach to this adapter similarly to any GoPro mount.  Just insert the GoPro within the weatherproof case, line up the holes and insert and twist the knob into the nut.

But how about some car dashboard GoPro mounts that are specifically made for a GoPro that include a weatherproof grooved fitting?  The Arkon Sticky Suction Windshield Dash Mount Holder for GoPro Cameras is a well made mount that uses a sticky bottom to attach to smooth and textured a car dashboard.  The mount comes with the GoPro adapter for the weatherproof case.  The addition of an included 3.5″ extension arm double the height of this mount to 7 inches although I think most will use the mount without the extension.  The bottom sticks best to a clean dash so be sure to clean it with some Windex prior to attachment.  If the bottom of the suction cup loses stickiness, it’s easy to recharge by rinsing in some warm soapy water.  These come with a two-year warranty from the manufacturer.

I also like the addition of a bean bag base to the above.  The Arkon Friction Dash Mount for Suction Cup Mounts can be added to the mount just described above or can be added to a standard suction cup to make a dash mount out of it.  This is an excellent mount for added portability.  It’s easy to remove this mount when leaving the car.  Take the mount with GoPro attached and take with you or toss into your glove box.  I have always liked the added safety anchor that is included with this mount for added security to prevent it from sliding during short stops.  We wrote about this bean bag mount in more detail here.

For a more heavy duty approach to car dashboard GoPro Mounts, consider the RAM Mounts Flat Surface Mount with Custom Gopro Hero Adapter.  This is a metal mount with pre-drilled holes at the bottom.  This is a mount that’s bolted onto a flat surface or even onto a bean bag mount.  There is a ball and socket adjustment at the base and the tip so it’s easy to get the right angle for your GoPro.  This one comes with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.  Just wish the GoPro had a lifetime warranty too.

So there are a few good choices for car dashboard GoPro mounts.  I suggest using the weatherproof case whenever possible for added protection and the mounts we discussed are made specifically for the weatherproof case.