Aukey PB-N15 20000mAh 3.1A Portable External Battery Product Review

Aukey PB-N15 20000mAh 3.1A Dual-USB Portable External Battery ChargerThe Aukey PB-N15 20000mAh 3.1A Portable External Battery holds a series of lithium batteries to deliver up to 20000mAh of power to your devices.  I own several brands of external batteries and really enjoy using these.  I purchased this Aukey battery because I needed one with more power storage than the others that I have.

The battery measures 3.15 x 6.1 x 0.93 inches and weighs about one pound.  A little larger than my others, but this carries a lot more power.

The Aukey battery comes professionally packaged with a rather extensive user manual.

The Aukey PB-N15 comes with a short micro USB cable which is intended to charge the battery.  There is no A/C adapter.  The included micro USB cable is extremely short.  So short that it doesn’t reach the A/C outlet above my kitchen counter.  Why Aukey doesn’t include a standard three-foot cable is a mystery to me, but not a show stopper.  I have other cables that I can use for charging the battery.

A photo of my Aukey battery is included with this article.  My Aukey battery was 75% charged out of the box.  That’s three out of four lights on the front.  So the battery was sufficiently charged well enough out of the box for me to use, but your mileage may vary so be prepared to charge it overnight once you get it.  A series of four lights appear on the top of the battery indicating how much power the battery has.  When it’s fully charged, all four lights are on.

The battery has two charging ports.  One delivers 2.1 AMPS which is what you need to charge any smartphone or tablet.  The other delivers 1 AMP.  The total output is 3.1 AMPS.  The lower AMPS outlet will charge a phone or tablet.  It just takes longer versus the 2.1 AMP.

The battery quickly charges up my iPhone 6s Plus, especially when it’s the only device being charged.  This is because the battery itself is capable of delivering 3AMPS.  According to Aukey, the battery has enough juice to fully charge an Apple iPhone 7 Plus 4.5 times or a Galaxy S7 Edge 3.5 times.

There are no cables provided with this battery outside of that really short micro USB one.  You will need to supply your own lightning or mini USB cables for charging your device.  That’s typical for external batteries as I haven’t owned one that included the device cables.

This battery has a feature which I have seen on other portable ones which is a flashlight.  I have never used it other than turning it on to annoy others in the room.

This is the battery that we use when outdoors for extended periods of time.  I can charge two devices at the same time and don’t need to worry about running out of power.  Let’s face it, 20,000 mAh is a lot of power.  This is good for several full charges of my devices.

The Aukey PB-N15 20000mAh 3.1A Portable External Battery is a good quality external battery.  I’m happy with my purchase.  It comes with a 2-year warranty which is longer than most other batteries on the market.