eufy SoloCam Mounts

The eufy SoloCam is a very good camera.  I have to admit that I didn’t expect much but the camera was great.  The eufy SoloCam mount option was a bit underwhelming though.  The camera comes with a stock mount that works ok but has some limitations. eufy is a strange name.  It’s made by a company that made their name in power banks and adapters.  You may already have some of their products.  The company is named Anker. There are a few important attributes on the eufy SoloCam mount that needs to be discussed.  First is the mounting point.  A … Read more

Different Ways to Mount the Wyze Base Station

The Wyze Base Station is used to connect to a Wyze Cam Outdoor.  It needs to be centrally located so that all cameras can consistently communicate.  Sometimes, that central spot isn’t the most convenient.  So, let’s discuss different ways to mount this device. Placement Dilemma For those that have multiple Wyze Outdoor Cameras, this becomes a bit of a juggling act.  Click on the Wyze Base Station under the Wyze app to see how many bars each outdoor camera is getting.  These need to be as strong as possible.  Ideally three bars. For those with a single camera, this is … Read more

Wyze Cam Outdoor Mounting Options

The Wyze Cam Outdoor is the company’s first dive into the outdoor camera market.  It uses a hub to connect to the internet which is similar to how Blink does it. The stock mount i what is used in the accompanying photo. We previously checked out a few other Wyze cameras.  We noted the limited availability of alternative mounts.  This camera has a poorly documented feature that overcomes this issue. Wyze Cam Outdoor Mounting Options in the Box The Wyze Cam Outdoor comes with an integrated stand similar previous generations.  It’s a good stand if you plan to use it … Read more

Mounts for the Garmin RV 890 and RV 1090

The Garmin RV 890 and RV 1090 were recently introduced as part of the company’s product refresh for the RV line.  The mounts required for these GPS models are different from practically all others.  We will discuss that in more detail below. Garmin RV 890 and RV 1090 Mounts are Different from Anything Else These aren’t cheap GPS devices.  As part of the premium price paid, you will receive two mounts.  Both are solid mounts. Common to all mounts will be use of the magnetic cradle.  Unlike other Garmin GPS devices, these are powered cradles.  They provide power as well … Read more

Wyze Cam v3 Mounting Options

The Wyze Cam v3 was introduced in late 2020 as the third iteration of the very successful line of cameras.  It seems like Wyze addressed most of the shortcomings of their previous versions including the ability to utilize alternative mounts. We previously checked out the older Wyze cameras and noted the limited availability of alternative mounts.  These were a few, but sparse offerings. Wyze Cam v3 Mounting Options in the Box The Wyze Cam v3 comes with a similar integrated stand as previous generations.  The camera in the photo that accompanies this article has the stand folded inwards which is … Read more

Mounting a Blink Camera on a House Without Drilling Holes

We have written countless articles on mounting the Blink line of cameras all over the place.  Blink finally changed their mounts from something that was barely usable to one that’s very versatile.  Today we figure out some of the best ways for mounting a Blink camera on a house.  We’re going to also look at ways to do it without drilling any holes. As we already stated, the original Blink mount left a lot to be desired.  We then raved over the improved Blink XT2 mount which was a very usable pivot mount but had a weakness when it came … Read more