Arkon GoPro Camera Mounts for Almost Anywhere

Arkon GoPro Handlebar MountThe good folks at Arkon recently released their custom GoPro mounting lineup and we are one of the first to talk about it.  The Arkon GoPro lineup includes mounts for almost anywhere and includes the adapter with screw to fit the grooves on the bottom of the plastic case that comes with the GoPro.  Arkon GoPro mounts work well on all models including the HERO, HERO2, HERO3 and HERO4.  These mounts are well priced considerably lower than the ones made by GoPro and have functionality benefits that GoPro simply does not offer.

Arkon GoPro mounts are available with two different adapters.  First is the custom GoPro adapter.  This adapter has the two grooves that fit the underside of the weatherproof case that came with your GoPro purchase.  The Arkon adapter also includes a screw that will fit the hole on the weatherproof case and will fasten it to the mount.  If you would like to use the GoPro without the weatherproof case, you will notice the bottom of the camera has a 1/4″ – 20 threaded screw hole similar to one found on a tripod.  Arkon makes an adapter to fit that pattern as well.  These adapters can be used interchangeably on the common mounting base.

Incidentally, the majority of Arkon mounts utilize a common 17mm ball.  This is the pattern used for the Garmin Nuvi or Drive GPS line so when you aren’t using the mount for your GoPro, pop the camera adapter off and use the mount for your GPS.

Arkon markets their GoPro mounts for car, bicycle and motorcycle usage.

In the car, the most practical place to mount your GoPro will be your windshield so the company offers the Arkon GoPro Windshield or Dash Car Mount Holder.  Because of the angle of the mount, unlike most other applications, it cannot be used as a dash mount.  However, Arkon also offers a Sticky Suction Windshield Dash Mount Holder for GoPro HERO Action Cameras for the dash.  Since both options are used inside the car, you can use your camera with of without the weatherproof case.

If you choose to use the GoPro without the weatherproof case, then opt for Arkon models Arkon Windshield or Dash Camera Car Mount.  These mounts use the 1/4″ – 20 threaded screw pattern common to tripods.  The mount also includes a dash disk however this option is seldom used with this mount as it’s somewhat difficult to get a good angle when using this one on the dash.

On the handlebar, we find Arkon offering a trio of mounting options.  The mounting options include a metal rigid variety, plastic and a strap option.

We like the Arkon GoPro Bike Motorcycle Handlebar Strap Mount for GoPro HERO Action Cameras best as it is simple to install and remove.  The strap on option also fits larger handlebars versus the prior two options.  You will always opt for using the weatherproof case on a bicycle or motorcycle.  Exposed to the elements, the weatherproof case offers additional protection from the camera and you can always replace the case if you need to at a lower price than buying a new camera.  Bugs, dirt, road debris can ruin your expensive GoPro camera easily without the weatherproof case.

Arkon offers a two-year warranty on these mounts and offers good quality for the low price.  There are a lot of different options to choose from and the custom mounting head can be interchangeably moved between all standard Arkon mounts.