GoPro Fishing Rod Mounts and Attachments

A GoPro is great for catching almost any action.  Why should fishing be any different?  Seeing the point of view action from the fishing rod when there’s action is pretty amazing.  This isn’t something you can do with a smartphone.  You need a good action camera like a GoPro.  Today, we’re looking at GoPro fishing rod mounts and attachments. I thought the subject of GoPro fishing rod mounts and attachments would be a fairly easy one to research.  Turns out I was wrong.  There are few, if any, GoPro fishing rod mounts that are specifically made for this purpose.  Many … Read more

Alternative Mounts for the GoPro HERO Session and HERO5 Session

The GoPro HERO Session and GoPro HERO5 Session are the latest in a series of smaller action cameras introduced by GoPro.  The major difference between these two cameras is video quality.  The lower priced GoPro HERO Session delivers 1440p video where the GoPro HERO5 Session shoots 4K video. The GoPro HERO Session and GoPro HERO5 Session are the same size and get mounted the same way.  When we refer to the GoPro HERO Session, all of our mounting comments equally apply to the GoPro HERO5 Session. The GoPro HERO Session comes with a few mounting accessories packaged in the box with … Read more

Phone, GPS and Camera Mounts for a Honda CBR1000RR Motorcycle

On a warm November day, I made a trip to the Jersey Shore.  Always looking for ideas for mount articles, I ran into a Honda CBR1000RR.  My first thought was how do you mount something to this motorcycle? Fortunately I was able to get a good look and even snap a photo of the cockpit which is attached to this article.  Turns out there are a few locations that will work well on a Honda CBR1000RR to mount a phone, GPS or camera. The reason the Honda CBR1000RR isn’t a straightforward mount project is there’s a lack of handlebar real … Read more

How to Mount a GoPro to a Bow

Mounting a GoPro to a Bow.  It’s not difficult.  You just need the proper parts. In this article, we look at the parts needed to effectively mount a GoPro to a bow. The first thing that’s important is whether you plan to use the weatherproof case on your GoPro while it’s mounted to the bow.  That’s what determines the type of mount.  We recommend using the weatherproof case.  It offers additional protection from weather elements as well as accidental drops.  Most of our mount recommendations use the weatherproof case but a few can use the tripod hole on the bottom … Read more

GoPro Hunting Mounts for Trees, Tree Stands and Bows

Most people think of a GoPro as an action camera.  You attach it to a helmet, handlebar or even your body and catch the action.  However, these are high-end cameras that can be used for other purposes as well.  Hence, our article on GoPro hunting mounts. There are two ways to use a GoPro.  With or without the protective case.  Since hunters are outdoors, we strongly suggest using your protective case to protect your GoPro from the weather.  Sure, you can also use it without the case, but that will put your camera at risk.  The mounts that we will … Read more

GoPro Helmet Mounts: A Few Good Recommendations

There are lots of places to mount a GoPro.  We typically concentrate on mounts for vehicles, today we are looking at a different mounting purpose.  GoPro helmet mounts seemed strange to me when these action cameras first came out.  I didn’t think anyone would want to put anything on their helmet.  I was wrong. Today, there are many different types of GoPro helmet mounts.  Some use the weatherproof case that comes with the GoPro, others use the 1/4″ – 20 threaded tripod screw hole on the bottom of the GoPro without the weatherproof case.  I suggest using the weatherproof case. … Read more