How to Mount a GoPro to a Bow

Mounting a GoPro to a Bow.  It’s not difficult.  You just need the proper parts. In this article, we look at the parts needed to effectively mount a GoPro to a bow. The first thing that’s important is whether you plan to use the weatherproof case on your GoPro while it’s mounted to the bow.  That’s what determines the type of mount.  We recommend using the weatherproof case.  It offers additional protection from weather elements as well as accidental drops.  Most of our mount recommendations use the weatherproof case but a few can use the tripod hole on the bottom … Read more

GoPro Hunting Mounts for Trees, Tree Stands and Bows

Most people think of a GoPro as an action camera.  You attach it to a helmet, handlebar or even your body and catch the action.  However, these are high-end cameras that can be used for other purposes as well.  Hence, our article on GoPro hunting mounts. There are two ways to use a GoPro.  With or without the protective case.  Since hunters are outdoors, we strongly suggest using your protective case to protect your GoPro from the weather.  Sure, you can also use it without the case, but that will put your camera at risk.  The mounts that we will … Read more

Bow Mounts for Cameras

The size and weight of high quality action cameras have been decreasing exponentially lately.  They are now light enough and sufficiently small so they can be mounted to a bow and not dramatically effect the stability.  There are a lot of reasons why archery and cameras can go together but the most popular user of these mounts are hunters wanting to record the hunt.  Today, we discuss how to mount a camera to a bow. The key component to mounting any camera to a bow is the availability of a common tripod screw hole on the bottom of the action camera.  The … Read more

Phone Mounts for Hunters

It’s hunting season in New Jersey, so it’s a good time to take a look at phone mounts for hunters.  Bringing your phone along on your next trip to the woods helps to pass the downtime.  The primary purpose of a hunter’s phone mount is to keep your phone secure and close by.  You might also be using your phone to record video so potentially want to keep the rear camera lens clear of obstruction. Typically these mounts are attached to a tree stand or a railing.  We find that mounts with clamps work well on tree stands but there … Read more