Alternative Mounts for the GoPro HERO Session and HERO5 Session

Arkon GP234 for the GoPro HERO SessionThe GoPro HERO Session and GoPro HERO5 Session are the latest in a series of smaller action cameras introduced by GoPro.  The major difference between these two cameras is video quality.  The lower priced GoPro HERO Session delivers 1440p video where the GoPro HERO5 Session shoots 4K video.

The GoPro HERO Session and GoPro HERO5 Session are the same size and get mounted the same way.  When we refer to the GoPro HERO Session, all of our mounting comments equally apply to the GoPro HERO5 Session.

The GoPro HERO Session comes with a few mounting accessories packaged in the box with the camera.  There is a mounting frame which has the typical grooved adapter found on the bottom of practically all GoPro protective cases and frames.  Also included is a vertical and jointed bracket.  There are two adhesive mounts in the box as well.

The mounting frame is needed for the mounts that we will introduce in this article.  That grooved adapter on the bottom is needed to attach to any alternative mount.  The mounts included with the GoPro HERO Session aren’t required.  Personally, I’m not a fan of adhesive mounts.  They are permanent and if not applied properly are prone to failure.  All the mounts we recommend are removable and not permanent.

If using the adhesive mounts that come with the GoPro HERO Session, consider using the jointed bracket instead of the vertical as it provides greater flexibility in camera positioning.  Also be sure to follow instruction for applying the adhesive part of the mount.  I always recommend allowing the mount to sit unused and untouched for at least 24 hours before use.  This gives the adhesive ample time to set.

First let’s look at a few mounts that can be used on a cylindrical surface such as a handlebar or pole.

The mount in the photo that accompanies this article is the Arkon Handlebar Strap Mount for GoPro.  This mount has the grooved adapter to match up with the GoPro HERO Session frame.  It even includes a knob to attach the frame to the mount.  This means you won’t use the knob that came with the GoPro HERO Session.  Attachment and removal is very easy as the strap pulls through a buckle type of locking mechanism.  It fits handlebars measuring up to 1.9 inches (50 mm) in diameter.  Although the mount is easy to attach and remove you may find it easier to leave it attached when not in use and just remove the camera.

The Nordic Handlebar Mount for GoPro Cameras is another example of a cylindrical mount.  These mounts have the requisite GoPro grooved adapter and includes a tightening knob.  The Nordic entry is different from the prior mount in that it’s made of rigid plastic versus a strap.  These fit diameters ranging from 0.44″ to 1.38″ diameter.  These attach to the handlebar using dual tightening knobs.  These mounts are made of a hardened plastic.  It comes with a second joint attachment meaning that you can swivel the camera more so than the previous mount.

Next let’s look at a flat surface mount for a GoPro HERO Session.  We’ll start with a suction cup mount.  A suction cup is good if using your GoPro HERO Session in a low vibration non-rugged environment.  A place like a car.  I have heard of people using suction cup mounts in all types of environments but I’m fairly conservative when it comes to safety.  Don’t want my GoPro HERO Session (or anything else) to go flying in the opposite direction.

A good suction cup entry is the Arkon Sticky Suction Windshield or Dash Mount Holder for GoPro HERO Action Cameras.  It’s a good dual purpose solution.  Most will use this as a suction cup attached to the windshield.  The mount is made of plastic which holds up nicely with minimal vibration effects.  There is an adjustment point half way up the mount as well as the ability to pivot and swivel the camera from an adjustment point at the tip of the mount.  The mounting kit comes with an 80mm adhesive disk that can attach to the vehicle dashboard and the suction cup will attach like it does on the windshield.  A two-year warranty comes with this mount.

The last mount up for discussion is made by none other than GoPro themselves and it’s called the GoPro Chest Mount Harness.  Go Pro likes to call this one the chesty mount.  It’s a body mount that places the GoPro HERO Session on your chest.  This is intended to be used for action sports.  I think it’s preferable to a helmet mount because it’s less awkward and captures the action from a more realistic position.  The chesty mount is fully adjustable to fit a wide range of sizes.

We covered four good mounts for the GoPro HERO Session and GoPro HERO5 Session.  These alternative mounts cover a lot more than the limited functionality of the included adhesive mounts and will permit you to use the GoPro HERO Session in places the included mounts cannot.