GoPro Hunting Mounts for Trees, Tree Stands and Bows

GoPro Hunting Mounts for Trees, Tree Stands and BowsMost people think of a GoPro as an action camera.  You attach it to a helmet, handlebar or even your body and catch the action.  However, these are high-end cameras that can be used for other purposes as well.  Hence, our article on GoPro hunting mounts.

There are two ways to use a GoPro.  With or without the protective case.  Since hunters are outdoors, we strongly suggest using your protective case to protect your GoPro from the weather.  Sure, you can also use it without the case, but that will put your camera at risk.  The mounts that we will discuss are specifically made to fit the protective case.

While hunting isn’t an actively marketed activity by GoPro, it should be.  You aren’t alone in wanting to use these high-end cameras for purposes other than catching action sports.

Hunters have different requirements versus let’s say a skateboarder.  The camera is likely going to be stable and will be attached to a stationary object or at least one that isn’t subject to extreme movement.  Can a GoPro be used as a trail camera?  Sure, but put a little thought as to if it’s prone to being stolen.  While there’s an unwritten code among hunters that you don’t steal another guy’s stuff, some haven’t read the code book.  A GoPro Hero is an expensive camera so give it some thought before leaving it in the woods for an extended period of time.

First, let’s look at using a GoPro as a trail camera.  A trail camera is normally attached to a tree.  The Hawk Ultimate Mini Flex Arm Mount is a good one for this purpose.  The mount comes with the custom GoPro adapter as well as a standard tripod adapter for other cameras.  The end has a pointed screw that is useful for attaching to a tree.  There is a flexible arm that is 12 inches long to allow pointing the GoPro at the proper angle.

I like to suggest attaching a GoPro to a tree stand verses directly to a tree.  It’s high up and not in plain sight.  The GoPro hunting mount in the photo that accompanies this article is an example of a good mount.  The Tree Stand or Rail Hunting Bendy Mount for GoPro Hero Camera has a clamp that opens to two inches wide so it will fit most tree stands or rails.  There is a 27″ flexible stem to allow the hunter get the best angle.  It is made of metal and has the custom GoPro adapter that is used on the weatherproof case.

The last of the GoPro hunting mounts to discuss is made for attachment to a bow.  Most bow mounts attach to the stabilizer.  The Bowfinger Archery Bow Mount for GoPro has the custom adapter needed for the weatherproof case.  It’s made of aluminum and comes with a lifetime warranty.  This mount connects to the stabilizer and puts the GoPro a bit off to the side.  There are two mounting holes to select from.  The mount is drilled and tapped to counterbalance the GoPro.  This particular mount is made specifically for a GoPro in a weatherproof case and will not fit a standard action camera.

These three mounts are all good example of GoPro hunting mounts.  The quality of the video will be superior to most hunting trail cameras on the market.  Granted, a GoPro likely costs more than a standard trail camera, but they are smaller, more versatile and can be easily used for other purposes such as an action camera or even a car dash cam.