About Us

Welcome to the MountGuys.com site.

MountGuys.com is owned by MFX2, LLC with offices in New Jersey, USA.

Our History

We started our company as a part-time eBay business in 2002.  We had an idea about selling hard to find car mounts for GPS units.  People liked our selection and service.  We added a satellite radio line in 2004 and before you knew it, had so much business that we had to move everything out of the garage into a small warehouse.  Right around that time, we decided to expand beyond eBay, and open our retail website.  Our business eventually moved to a 2,500 square foot warehouse.

After spending many years working 70 hour work weeks, our business has changed directions.  Today, we use Amazon to fill most of our orders and use our site to highlight the latest and greatest in mobile electronics and accessories.

Contact Us

Feel free to email us with any questions or comments.