Frequently Asked Mount Questions

A list of Frequently Asked Mount Questions. These have been gathered over the years and by cumulative search results steered towards our site.

Can I use a car GPS like a Garmin Nuvi on a motorcycle?
In many cases, yes you can use a car GPS on a motorcycle but keep in mind that a car GPS is not waterproof. We have a detailed article on the topic of using a car GPS on a motorcycle which you can read here.

What do the letters mean within the model number of a Garmin Nuvi GPS?
There are a variety of acronyms in use, for example the Garmin Nuvi 58LM and Nuvi 2597LMT.  Here are what those letters mean:
LM – Lifetime map update subscription is included with the GPS.  Maps are updated by a program which resides on your PC.  Your GPS will attach to your PC’s USB port using the included USB cable.
LT – Lifetime traffic subscription is included with the GPS.
LMT – Lifetime maps and traffic subscription is included with the GPS.

How can I charge my GPS or phone on my motorcycle?
Hardwire kits are readily available for this purpose.  Our favorite item is the Eklipes Cobra Hardwire Kit.  We also have a detailed article on How to hardwire your GPS to a Motorcycles or Car.

I decided to use my smartphone with Waze instead of a dedicated GPS.  I have a RAM Mount with a custom GPS cradle.  What are my options?
Fortunately RAM has an extensive line of universal phone cradles called the X-Grip line.  Your mount investment is preserved because you can interchange the X-Grip with your dedicated GPS cradle.  We are big fans of X-Grip and wrote extensively about this line.

How do you remove sticky residue from my dashboard?
Goo-Gone is your best friend.  We wrote an extensive article on the removal process.

How can I remove an adhesive mount from my dashboard?
There’s a trick to it as explained in our article on this topic.

How do I remove the Garmin Nuvi cradle from the suction cup mount?
It’s easy and explained in our article on this topic.

My suction cup mount does not stick anymore.  How do I save it?
All hope is not lost.  You can save it.  Read how here.

What is the AMPS pattern?
The AMPS pattern is an industry standard for mounts.  The AMPS pattern consists of four holes that form a rectangular pattern spaced 1.188 inches by 1.813 inches.  Some manufacturers also have 2-hole adapters that support the diagonal measurement of 1.912 inches.  That’s the short answer.  A really long answer can be found in our article dedicated to this topic.

How do I attach my Sirius Satellite Radio to my motorcycle?
There are mounts made to specifically do this.  You will need your current car kit to attach to most motorcycle mounts as outlined in this article.

Will a Garmin charger fit a Magellan GPS?
In most cases, the answer is yes.  Most Garmin Nuvi GPS units use a mini-USB port on the GPS and so do many Magellan units.  Finding a Magellan charger can be difficult, so if your Magellan uses a mini-USB cable, buy one made by Garmin for their Nuvi series and it should fit fine.

Will an adhesive mount stick in the rain?
Sometimes.  The key is in the quality of the adhesive.  We have experienced a lot of success using a product called Very High Bond Adhesive (VHB) made by 3M.  Be sure to let the product cure for at least 24 hours in a dry environment that isn’t overly cold or hot prior to use.

Is it illegal to mount my GPS or smartphone on the windshield in my state?
It might be.  Especially in California and Minnesota.  Read about it here then select something other than a windshield mount which you can choose from this article.

We will keep adding to this article over time.