Mounts for the Blink Mini Home Security Camera

Today we will be looking at some alternative mounts for the Blink Mini Home Security Camera.  This camera was released in April, 2020.  We’re used to Blink’s wireless battery powered cameras but this is a totally different design. Our previous article on Blink XT2 Smart Security Camera Mounts covered some alternative possibilities for the wireless cameras.  None of that applies to this Blink Mini as the design is totally different.  Unlike other Blink cameras, this is not battery powered, it plugs into an A/C adapter.  Additionally, it connects directly to a wireless router, not through a traditional Blink sync module. Blink … Read more

Mounts for the Garmin deZlCam 785 LMT-S GPS and Dash Cam

Capitalizing on the success on their NuviCam products, Garmin has expanded into dash cameras for truckers.  The Garmin deZlCam 785 LMT-S combines the robust GPS features found in the existing deZl lineup and combines the capabilities of a very capable dashcam.  The deZlCam 785 LMT-S features a 7 inch display so it’s a fairly large sized device.  Let’s get into the mount discussion. Garmin deZlCam 785 LMT-S Included Mount Smartly, Garmin continues to use their standard 17mm ball and socket design on the mounts.  This is a proven design that has been in use with their deZl and Nuvi line … Read more

Mounting a Book to a Treadmill

For those going old school and wanting to read a book while on a treadmill, we present this article on how to mount a book to a treadmill.  Depending upon the treadmill, this may not be easy. We previously looked at how to mount an Apple iPad or tablet to a treadmill.  So today, we’re going low tech.  Our advice in this article applies to book or magazines. Treadmill Design All treadmills are different.  Some have a shelf built onto the display.  If the shelf is deep enough, and the book stays flat, read no further, you’re good to go. … Read more

Different Ways to Mount the Blink Sync Module

The Blink Sync Module is the brains of the system.  All Blink cameras communicate to the sync module.  It needs to be centrally located so that all cameras can consistently communicate.  Often, that central spot isn’t the most convenient.  So, let’s discuss different ways to mount this device. Our advice applies to all models including the Blink, Blink XT and Blink XT2. Placement Dilemma For those that have multiple Blink cameras, this becomes a bit of a juggling act.  Under the Blink app’s settings is a strength indicator for Camera to to Sync Module and Camera to Wifi.  These need … Read more

nDash Tuner Mounting Options

The nDash Tuner is one of the more popular monitoring and tuning solutions available today.  The nDash Tuner allows tuning of certain vehicular engines. An nDash tuner has a slot on the back for mounting purposes.  This mounting pattern can be found on many mounts that are sold for satellite radio.  Therefore, many mounts that fit a Sirius or XM Radio will fit the nDash as well.  The key is that single T pattern.  It’s similar to what you see in the photo that accompanies this article. Let’s look at a few recommendations.  Keep in mind, these are typically marketed … Read more

Mounts for the Ring Indoor Cam

The Ring Indoor Cam is from the same company that makes the popular doorbell cameras.  Absent from the product line was an inexpensive indoor camera and this camera fits that role for the company. The Ring Indoor Camera was introduced in September, 2019.  It’s a small camera measuring 1.81 in. x 1.81 in. x 2.95 in. without the swivel stand. Ring Indoor Cam Included Mount Options Ring did a great job on their included mount.  The Ring Indoor Cam is shipped with the mounting base already attached to the bottom of the camera.  If looking to stand this camera on … Read more