How to Remove a SimpliSafe Entry Sensor

SWe rarely talk about how to dismount anything on this site.  But in the case of a security sensor, it’s natural to want to relocate some of the components.  Today, we discuss how to remove a SimpliSafe entry sensor. We previously discussed how to mount a SimpliSafe entry sensor.  We also published similar articles on mounting the keypad and how to mount the SimpliCam. SimpliSafe is one of the most popular self-install security systems out there.  Generally speaking, most people start off with a bundle of devices that include a base station and keypad.  The bundle has a bunch of … Read more

Wyze Cam v3 Mounting Options

The Wyze Cam v3 was introduced in late 2020 as the third iteration of the very successful line of cameras.  It seems like Wyze addressed most of the shortcomings of their previous versions including the ability to utilize alternative mounts. We previously checked out the older Wyze cameras and noted the limited availability of alternative mounts.  These were a few, but sparse offerings. Wyze Cam v3 Mounting Options in the Box The Wyze Cam v3 comes with a similar integrated stand as previous generations.  The camera in the photo that accompanies this article has the stand folded inwards which is … Read more

Mounting a Blink Camera on a House Without Drilling Holes

We have written countless articles on mounting the Blink line of cameras all over the place.  Blink finally changed their mounts from something that was barely usable to one that’s very versatile.  Today we figure out some of the best ways for mounting a Blink camera on a house.  We’re going to also look at ways to do it without drilling any holes. As we already stated, the original Blink mount left a lot to be desired.  We then raved over the improved Blink XT2 mount which was a very usable pivot mount but had a weakness when it came … Read more

Pocket Radar Mounting Ideas

The Pocket Radar is a small device that’s popular for measuring ball speed.  Typically used for baseball or tennis, you can hold this in your hand or mount it to a fence post or batting cage.  These can also be mounted on a large tripod. Before we start, let’s look at the dimensions of the Pocket Radar.  There are a few different iterations of the Pocket Radar but the maximum measurements are 4.7 inches high, 2.3 inches wide and .8 inches deep.  These dimensions fall in between a phone and handheld GPS. Using a Tripod for a Pocket Radar With … Read more

How and Where to Mount a Nest Temperature Sensor

A Nest Temperature Sensor adds a way to set your Nest Thermostat based upon the conditions in a room other than where your thermostat is located.  It’s a small puck but placement is key to effectiveness. Sometimes a homeowner winds up with the thermostat being located in a room where they aren’t spending the majority of their time.  That’s where this accessory comes in handy.  Associate it with a thermostat in your Nest App.  Now you can control your thermostat based upon the temperature sensed by the Nest Temperature Sensor. Optimally Locating the Nest Temperature Sensor As already stated, these … Read more

Blink Outdoor Security Camera Mounts

The Blink Outdoor Security Camera mounts are their best yet.  In what used to be a very weak included accessory, Blink has come a very long way from the original mount to the Blink XT2 then to what you see in the accompanying photo. This is the third iteration of mounts for Blink.  The original Blink mount left a lot to be desired.  We then raved over the improved Blink XT2 mount which was a very usable pivot mount but had a weakness when it came to a ceiling mount. Using the Blink Outdoor Security Camera Stock Mount The The … Read more