GoPro Fishing Rod Mounts and Attachments

Arkon GP234 makes a good GoPro fishing rod mountA GoPro is great for catching almost any action.  Why should fishing be any different?  Seeing the point of view action from the fishing rod when there’s action is pretty amazing.  This isn’t something you can do with a smartphone.  You need a good action camera like a GoPro.  Today, we’re looking at GoPro fishing rod mounts and attachments.

I thought the subject of GoPro fishing rod mounts and attachments would be a fairly easy one to research.  Turns out I was wrong.  There are few, if any, GoPro fishing rod mounts that are specifically made for this purpose.  Many share the same mount that’s made for other outdoor activities such as bow hunting.  That was a surprise.

Choosing the right GoPro fishing rod mount requires some thought as to where you plan to use it and the location of where you want to put it.  If doing salt water fishing, select a mount that will not corrode.

Placement on the fishing rod is the next topic to discuss.  The further down the rod, the more awkward and top-heavy.  Select a spot somewhat close to the reel placement for the best balance.  Measure the diameter of that location.  The diameter will typically fall between .5 and 1 inch but that will vary depending upon the fishing rod.  Large salt water rods tend to be thicker at the base versus shorter fresh water models.

A GoPro fishing rod mount that maintains the camera somewhat flush to the rod will feel best.  The higher the mount, the more out of balance the rod will feel.  A mount that has the GoPro attachment close to the surface of the rod will work best.

In terms of orientation, the pole is likely going to be best balances with the GoPro camera hanging upside down or off to the side.  While it’s a matter of preference, working against physics and gravity is never an easy task.

Lastly, plan on using the weatherproof case that comes with a GoPro camera.  This is the clear plastic case with the mounting grooves on the bottom.  Let’s face it, we’re fishing.  In water.  Water gets stuff wet.  Use the case.

With all that in mind, let’s select a few GoPro fishing rod mounts and attachments.  As stated in the beginning of the article, finding mounts specifically made for fishing is nearly impossible.

First up is from GoPro themselves.  The GoPro Gun / Rod / Bow Mount is a sensibly designed mount.  A fishing rod is one of the purposes of this mount.  A clamp holds the mounting attachment to the pole.  The GoPro mount attaches to fishing rod grips with diameters ranging from 0.4 to 0.9 inches.  Mount your camera within the weatherproof case.  The camera can hang in any orientation but off to the side or upside down may work best.

Next, it turns out that a motorcycle or bicycle handlebar and a fishing rod have similar diameters.  Consider the Arkon Handlebar Strap Mount for GoPro.  Attachment is very easy as the strap pulls through a buckle type of locking mechanism.  The mount attaches to fishing rod grips with diameters ranging from 0.6 to 1.9 inches.  The mount is easy to attach and remove although you may find it’s easier to simply leave it attached (without the camera) when not in use as it is very low profile and only weighs a few ounces.  That’s the mount shown in the photo that accompanies this article.

Happy fishing!