The RAM Roto-View Adapter Plate Makes Swiveling Simple

RAM-HOL-ROTO1U OverviewEver try to swivel your device into a different orientation while driving?  Not an easy task if using a RAM Mount.  Most RAM Mounts have a tightening knob on the side of the arm that does exactly what the mount is designed to do which is keep it steady and secure and the mounts do a very good job at that.  Adding the RAM Roto-View adapter plate to your existing RAM Mount configuration has solved this problem.  We like these adapters for the added functionality especially when using a RAM tablet cradle such as any of their Tab-Tite models.  No need to loosen the knob of your double socket arm to re-position your tablet.  Instead simply rotate your device into the desired orientation.

The adapter plate utilizes a series of clicks to allow you to move the device into landscape and portrait mode or anything in between.  This component installs between an adapter plate such as a RAM-B-202U round plate with one inch ball and any cradle such as a Tab-Tite expandable cradle.  After using the included screws and nuts to attach the three parts, simply insert into the RAM metal arm so that your mount is whole.  Once installed, turn it with one hand and position it until you hear a click.  The device will stay put at whatever position you left it at.  The nice part of this new add-on is that it can be done with one hand and with minimal effort.  You can use the Roto-View with tablets, phones, GPS units or any of the RAM cradles that use the diamond or round adapter plates.  These will work with the RAM 1″ and 1.5″ ball plates.  If you are using one of RAM’s X-Grip cradles, these will not work with the ones that have the ball molded onto the cradle at the factory but will work with the RAM-HOL-UN9U tablet X-Grip since the adapter plate isn’t part of the cradle.

The RAM Roto-View comes with a set of longer replacement screws as well as the new adapter plate since the added depth of the Roto-View will render your existing screws too short.  These are made of composite which is a heavy plastic.  RAM covers these parts, like most of their components, with their lifetime warranty.