Car and Motorcycle Mounts for the GoPro HERO4

Arkon GP132 will fit the GoPro HERO 4 The GoPro HERO4 is the latest generation of this company’s very successful product line.  High quality video at 12MP and up to 30 frames per second.  That makes one smooth video.  GoPro finally enabled their camera with Bluetooth and WiFi.  This feature alone might be reason enough to upgrade an older GoPro.  The menus have been redone and there is even a touch screen.

There are a lot of mounts available for the GoPro HERO4.  The HERO4 can be mounted with or without the weatherproof case that comes with the camera.  I always like to recommend using the case because depending upon how it is used, it can be easy to damage the camera with a pebble or get it dirty thanks to an insect.  All of this can happen especially in situations where the camera is mounted on a motorcycle or ATV.  If inside a vehicle, not too many worries, outside, always use the weatherproof case when using the GoPro HERO4 as an action camera.

We will talk about mounting the HERO4 with and without the weatherproof case.

If using it without the case, I’ll assume you are in a car.  You will mount the camera by using the small screw hole on the bottom.  This is a 1/4″ – 20 threaded pattern and it’s the same size as most tripods.  If using it at home, just deploy a standard tripod.  If using it in the car, the Arkon Windshield or Dash Camera Car Mount is a good dual purpose solution.  Most will use this as a suction cup mount on the windshield.  The mount is made of a sturdy plastic which holds up nicely with minimal vibration effects.  There is an adjustment point half way up the mount as well as the ability to pivot and swivel the camera from an adjustment point at the tip of the mount.  The mounting kit comes with an 80mm adhesive disk that can attach to the vehicle dashboard and the suction cup will attach like it does on the windshield.

If using the HERO4 on a motorcycle or ATV, be sure to use the weatherproof case.  Note the notches on the bottom of the case, that’s where the mount will attach.  The attachment is somewhat similar to the little base that GoPro uses to attach the camera within the retail box.  The majority of motorcycle mounts sold are made for the handlebar.  Most handlebars are 1.25″ diameter, but there are some larger, some are smaller, so measure the diameter of your handlebar.  The diameter is the distance across, not the distance around (that’s the circumference).  When it comes to a good handlebar mount, there are two that we recommend.  The RAM Handlebar Mount for GoPro includes a custom attachment that fits the weatherproof case that came with the camera.  The mount includes a 3-inch arm with adjustment points at the case and the at the camera attachment.  These mounts are made of metal and the manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty.

The photo that accompanies this article is the Arkon GoPro Handlebar Mount with a custom GoPro attachment.  This can be adjusted just below the camera attachment.  The mount includes rubber strips to prevent marring your handlebars.  Unlike the RAM mount, there is only a small extension and this mount is better for motorcycle owners looking for a near flush mount to the handlebar.  This mount is made of plastic.

The last mount up for discussion is made by none other than GoPro themselves and it’s called the GoPro Jaws Mount.  This is one of those mounts for all other locations.  You can clip this to anything from .25 to 2 inches in diameter.  Use it on the dashboard lip of your vehicle, clip it the handlebar of a bike, use it almost anyplace.  There is an adjustable gooseneck that makes this mount a pretty unique one as you can truly bend it to whatever angle is needed.  You don’t typically find great mounts from the company that makes the device, but this is one of those exceptions.