Wasserstein Blink XT Flat Surface Mount Review

Wasserstein Blink XT MountWasserstein has made a niche for itself in manufacturing and selling mounts for home security cameras. We recently had a chance to use the Wasserstein Blink XT Flat Surface Mount and found it to be one of the better mounts for this camera model.

When we first encountered the Blink XT, there weren’t any custom mounts available so our initial article over a year ago listed several recommendations that were more of the universal variety. The mounts worked fine but they weren’t perfect. The problem was the unusual shape of the Blink XT and lack of standard 1/4″ – 20 threaded tripod screw hole.  So we were repurposing some car and motorcycle mounts with universal cradles.  They worked fine but weren’t the cleanest solutions (although one could argue they were still better than the stock mount in the box).

Now that Wasserstein has it figured out, we were able to update that article to include several good custom options for the Blink XT. Our favorite mount from that article is the Wasserstein Blink XT Flat Surface Mount. A photo of this mount accompanies this article.

The part that makes this mount a superior choice for a Blink XT is the snap on adapter that fits the recess on the back of the camera. It fits as well, if not better, than the one that comes in the box with the camera. It snaps securely within the recess and allows access to the latch so you can still open the rear cover to take the batteries out when they need to be changed.

Before updating that article, we looked at several mounts that didn’t make the cut. We looked at one that encased the Blink XT. I dare anyone to shut the enclosure on that mount while a Blink XT is within it. We also looked at one that included a custom adapter. The adapter didn’t fit. Unlike these other mounts, the Wasserstein Blink XT Flat Surface Mount includes an adapter that actually fits the recess properly.

Another nice feature is the construction of the mount itself. The mount is made of powder coated metal. Since this is an outdoor mount, metal is preferable versus plastic. The head has a ball and socket design to allow angling and pivot. The base of the mount has three holes for surface mounting. The mount also includes three screws for attaching the mount to a flat surface.

The mount itself has an industry standard 1/4″ – 20 threaded screw. That screw pattern is the industry standard for cameras. It matches what is typically found on a tripod. I imagine Wasserstein also sells this base mount for other cameras given the universal design. However, what sets this mounting kit apart is the inclusion of the Blink XT adapter.

The Wasserstein Blink XT Flat Surface Mount is an excellent addition to your camera. The added flexibility of the larger heavy-duty mount will improve the usefulness of the Blink XT. It will help to achieve a better angle so that you can see more of the action.