Mounts for the ReoLink Argus Home Security Camera

ReoLink ArgusReoLink is a manufacturer of security cameras.  They recently started to offer wireless cameras.  We’re talking 100% wireless.  No wires for power.  No wires for internet.  The ReoLink Argus is an outdoor home security camera powered by four C123A lithium batteries.  We’re going to look at mounts for the ReoLink Argus.

When it comes to mounts, the ReoLink Argus is well thought out.  The bottom has an integrated magnet and standard 1/4″ – 20 threaded tripod screw hole.  This is good news because that screw size opens us up to a wide variety of camera mounts and tripods for this camera.

The camera comes with two mounts right in the box.  A metal dome mount to pair with the magnet holds the camera surprisingly secure.  It’s a good tight hold.  It bolts onto the flat surface.  In fact, that’s the mount used in the photo that accompanies this article.  This mounting mechanism is very similar to what we have seen in other outdoor wireless cameras including the Arlo Pro HD.

Moving on to the second mount.  It is a small bolt on mount utilizing that 1/4″ – 20 threaded screw.  Like the metal dome mount, this also bolts onto a flat surface.  This mount seems a little small for the camera and the tightening knob just doesn’t seem to tighten quite enough.  The metal dome mount seems to be the better choice out of the two.

So, let’s look at some mounts for the ReoLink Argus .  The standard tripod screw is the option we will use.  This opens this up to an entire category of mounts that will fit this camera.  Great idea integrating this screw into the camera design.

First up in one of our go-to recommendations for security cameras.  The Arkon Camera Wall Mount for CCTV POV Camcorders Cameras is a much heavier duty selection versus the one that comes in the box.  Attach this metal mount to a wall and use the three adjustment points to get the proper angle.  This is a great mount that has a two-year manufacturer warranty.  It’s an eight inch mount and longer than the one provided.  The added length and adjustment points allow a wider variety of angles and easier placement.

Using a suction cup mount is often a good choice for outdoor video while keeping your camera indoors.  Attach it to a window and get the ReoLink Argus as close to the glass as possible.  Turn off the IR lights to get the best quality video at night.

The Fat Gecko Mini Camera and Camcorder Mount is a solid choice for the ReoLink Argus.  It’s a well made mount that adjusts at the base and tip sufficiently to get the right angle for the best video when mounted on a window.  The three-inch suction cup has a vacuum lock for a more secure hold.  There’s an extension arm included with the mount that we suggest using to make it easier to get the right angle.  It’s going to attach to the camera using the tripod hole on the bottom.  The mount is made to hold up to four pounds, so the ReoLink Argus won’t be an issue.

Since the ReoLink Argus has a tripod screw, why not use a tripod?  There are mini tripods with flexible legs that make it easier to attach the ReoLink Argus to unusual places like a rail or arm of a chair.  Consider the JOBY GorillaPod Camera Tripod which uses the 1/4″ – 20 threaded screw hole on the bottom of the camera.  The tripod legs are flexible and can be wrapped around an object for attaching your camera in many places that won’t work with mounts included with the Argus.  This mount holds up to two pounds so it should hold up just fine.

Those are three good ideas for mounting your ReoLink Argus almost anywhere.  These will work well and help get even better video angles on your camera.  All are well made and support the screw hole on the bottom of camera.