Radar Detector Mounts for Escort, Beltronics, Uniden and Others

There are so many different brands of radar detectors on the market.  Most come with a bracket to clip to your visor or suction attachment for your windshield.  But what if you want to attach it elsewhere or have lost your mount.  It’s difficult to find replacement radar detector mounts.  We have even heard of some that trash the radar detector and buy another because they lost their mount.  We also receive a lot of inquiries from people that would like to mount their Escort, Beltronics, Uniden, Rocky Mountain, Cobra, Whistler or whatever brand out there in some unusual places (and not so unusual).  In today’s post, we discuss available options.

The most popular radar detector mounts option is the windshield suction mount.  If you like the mount that came with your radar detector, you might be able to find one online.  For the Escort visor clip that fits most popular Escort detectors.  These fit many Escort models and even some from Bel.  Many Cobra radar detectors use a suction cup mount which is part number 545-159-N-001.  These are both custom mounts that are made to fit into a slot at the top or bottom of the radar detector.

With that said, I was never fond of the Cobra mounts (the Escort mounts are well made as long as you don’t mind the visor).  Weak suction cups means it will likely last a few months before needing a replacement.  Consider some of the universal radar detector solutions on the market.

A very popular universal radar detector mount for the windshield works by placing your device on a platform which uses hook and loop fastening tape to keep your unit in place.  This is an excellent option as it comes with a very high bond adhesive dash disk that enables attachment to the dashboard.  This is particularly useful for two reasons. First is that many thieves look for the suction cup, even the marks from the suction cup after you remove it, to figure out of there is something useful to steal.  Placing the mount on the dash keeps it somewhat out of view, plus you can remove the suction part of the mount from the dash disk leaving little trace of a mount.  Secondly, in certain states, adhering a mount to your windshield is illegal.  If you live in one of those states (California or Minnesota) take a minute to read about that here.

Another interesting option is a non-skid mat.  The mat sticks to your dash and the radar detector sits atop the mat.  There’s a sticky residue on each side of the mat.  While not as secure as a mount that uses very high bond adhesive, it’s an option to consider.

Radar Detectors and motorcycles just seem to go well together.  The problem is that most radar detectors aren’t made to attach to a motorcycle.  I have seen some riders strap the radar detector to the handlebar which may work but does not complement the look of a $20,000 motorcycle.  Consider using the RAM Power Plate coupled with a RAM handlebar mount.  The Power Plate contains extremely strong magnets that will attach to a metal square that will adhere to the bottom of your radar detector.  The result is a very strong grip and a useful location for your radar detector.