Car Rear View Mirror Mounts

Car Rear View Mirror MountsUsing your rear view mirror as a place to mount your GPS, phone or radar detector has recently become pretty popular.  While I don’t know if it gets around the laws of states that do not permit mounting devices on your windshield (read about that here), it does place your device at a nice location that is very close to your line of sight while driving making it an ideal location for devices used for GPS purposes.   The rear view mirror is great for smaller devices.  You will find it to be a poor choice for larger devices such as a tablet.

There are two types of rear view mirror mounts.  One that wraps around the mirror, the other will grab the top and bottom of the mirror itself.  I tend to stay away from the mirror mounts that require removal of the mirror as it’s a hit or miss on the fit so they aren’t mentioned in this article.

The first and least expensive Car Rear View Mirror Mount uses the top and bottom of the rear view mirror to attach a vice like holder.  That holder typically has a gooseneck arm attached to it and a cradle at the end of that.  The cradles are generally universal and open and close around your cell phone or GPS.  Before purchasing one of these types of mounts, measure the height of your rear view mirror and ensure that the specifications of the mounting holder opens large enough to fit your windshield.  Also, be sure to measure the width of the device you want to mount and ensure that the cradle opens wide enough to accommodate your GPS or phone.  Lastly, ensure that your rear view mirror is tight.  If the rear view mirror is not tight, and moves quite freely with barely any pressure, this mounting type is not a good choice as it will cause your mirror to sway.  The picture that accompanies this article uses this type of mount.  These mounts are simple to install and remove.

The second type of mount suitable for a rear view mirror uses the post that is behind the mirror.  The mounts used in this application are shared by motorcycles to attach to the handlebar.  It’s the post that attaches your rear view mirror to the windshield.  I like these a bit better than the first type.  Although more expensive, these mounts will prove to be sturdier than the ones that attach to the top and bottom of the mirror.  Like the prior mount, you will need to measure your device to ensure that the universal cradle will be large enough to fit your phone or GPS.  You will also need to measure the diameter of the rear view mirror post.  Most are in the .5 – 1.0 inch range.  The RAM Rear View Mirror Mounting Base comes with instructions for attaching to a rear view mirror.  You will add a RAM 3″ Arm and X-Grip Cradle to make this a complete solution.  As readers of this site already know, we are big fans of the RAM X-Grip line and wrote a detailed article on this topic that you can read here.  You can also select one of RAM’s custom GPS cradles if your needs are in that area.  These also make an excellent option for mounting your camera and you can add a RAM Camera Adapter for these as well.

For radar detector owners, a similar mount to the one above which includes a custom insert for your device is available from a company called Blendmount.  The BlendMount Rear View Mirror Radar Detector Mount will clip around your rear view mirror post and they include the insert that is unique to many popular radar detector models.  These fit most Bel and Escort radar detector models with the mount having that component that slides into the slot at the top of the device.

Car rear view mirror mounts have only been available for a short time, so I’m sure I’ll be updating this article again as new varieties are introduced.