Tablet Mounts for Fire Trucks

Tablet mounts for fire trucks have some unique requirements versus one for a passenger automobile or SUV.  They need to be rugged and will likely need an expandable holder that will accommodate a thick case along with durability necessary for constant removal and insertion of the tablet.  Unlike what might work with a car, the attachment probably needs to be something other than a typical suction cup mount. When it comes to tablet mounts for fire trucks, it’s not unusual to see a bolt on or clamp mount.  So that’s what we’re going to concentrate on.  Heavy duty tablet mounts … Read more

Truck Tablet and Smartphone Mounts for the ELD Mandate

The Electronic Logging Device rule also known as the ELD mandate will start being enforced on Dec. 18, 2017.  Fleets must implement ELD devices to log hours of service (also known as HOS).  Fleets and independent truckers can implement tablets and smartphones, following established Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) requirements.  With that comes the need for some rugged truck mounts to hold the tablets and smartphones that are being used to meet the ELD mandate. We aren’t ELD mandate experts so cannot give advice on the applications required but can provide suggestions on good mounts for tablets and smartphones … Read more

Tablet Mounts for Back Seat Taxicab Passengers

Just finished writing an article about mounts for taxi drivers, and we’re on a roll so here’s our entry on mounts for taxicab passengers. Why would a taxi owner want to do this?  Passenger convenience and better tips.  This is especially applicable to Uber and Lyft drivers.  Also for limo drivers.  It can be a long drive to the airport, why not watch a movie or something from NetFlix.  Your passengers could be especially grateful for this mount is they have small children.  You could provide your own tablet or have the passenger use their own. If using your own … Read more

Mounts for the Samsung Galaxy Tab E Lite Tablet at Home or in the Car

The Samsung Galaxy Tab E Lite is a popular line of tablets running the Android operating system.  We are going to look at home and car mounts for the 7-inch model of Samsung Galaxy Tab E Lite. Typically, the Samsung Galaxy Tab E Lite will normally be used at home or in the car.  Generally speaking, this is a tablet used for entertainment purposes.  It’s not normally used to run driving apps such as Waze.  So for the car, we’ll concentrate more on mounts to entertain back seat passengers. Before selecting a mount, be aware of the measurements of the … Read more

Treadmill Mounts for an Apple iPad or Other Tablet

Treadmills might be one of the most boring machines I use at Planet Fitness.  Clearly, I’m no workout guru, heck, this is Planet Fitness.  But I know the benefits of a good cardio workout.  I also know the effects of boredom and non-working TVs at Planet Fitness.  hence, our article on treadmill mounts for an Apple iPad or other tablet. When working out at my local Planet Fitness, they have a bank of televisions.  Half don’t work, the other half are tuned into CNN or Fox News.  That just adds to the monotony of working out.  I need something entertaining. … Read more

Car and Home Mounts for the Asus Zenpad S 8 Tablet

We’re finally writing about a tablet other than one made by Samsung or Apple!  The Asus Zenpad S 8 tablet was released roughly a year ago.  It’s a fraction of the price of most current Apple and Samsung tablets.  An economically priced tablet with good performance. The Asus Zenpad S 8 has an 8″ display similar to an Apple iPad Mini.  A 5MP rear camera and 8MP rear camera makes for good video conferencing and photos that don’t require extreme detail.  Running Android 5.0 and sporting a Quad-core processor, this tablet will provide good performance for most apps. Before selecting a … Read more