Nest Cam and DropCam Mounts for Home Security

Nest Cam and DropCam Mounts for Home SecurityThe Nest Cam and DropCam Pro are great cameras.  Excellent video and audio quality with real useful apps for checking in remotely.  The mount out of the box is fine for tabletop use but what if you wanted to mount it anywhere else?  That’s the purpose of this article.  We look at some alternative DropCam Pro and Nest Cam mounts.  The nice part about these smaller cameras is they can be mounted in some fairly innovative locations.

Most owners of a DropCam Pro or Nest Cam use these for surveillance.  The cameras are made to use indoors only as the casing isn’t weatherproof.  In a prior article, we looked at outdoor mounts for these cameras where the camera detaches from the stand and gets encased within a weatherproof compartment attached to various mounts.  Today, we are looking at mounts for using these cameras indoors.

It’s important to remember that the Nest Cam and DropCam detach from the small stand.  All of these mounts that we will discuss use the round camera detached from the little stand that comes in the box.  The stand is nothing more than that.  There are no wires or circuitry contained in the stand but keep it around because you never know when you might want to revert back to the old stand.  After you remove the stand, you have what’s needed to use these mounts which is – the camera.

It seems to me that if you want to use your Nest Cam or DropCam as a security camera, you should be able to mount it high in the corner of a room.  The Nest Cam & Dropcam Magnetic Wall Mount is excellent for purposes of attaching your camera to a wall.  The mounting kit has a metal ball and attaches to your wall using adhesive disks supplied with the mount.  There is another part that attaches to your camera with a magnet and it attaches to the metal ball that is stuck to the wall.  Make sure the place where you are attaching the wall mount is clean and I always recommend allowing at least a full day for the adhesive to set prior to attaching the camera.

How about turning your DropCam or Nest Cam into a hidden camera?  The Alarm Clock to Hide your Nest Cam & Dropcam allows the camera to be hidden within an alarm clock casing.  There is darkening film on the case so the Nest Cam or DropCam cannot be detected.  The night vision function will work well.  The cable for the camera tucks into the back of the case.  This might be the ultimate in hidden cameras combining the excellent video quality of these cameras with a true hidden case.  I like this idea a lot.

An interesting variation to the stealth theme is the AC Outlet Wall Mount for Nest Cam.  This is the mount that’s shown in the photo accompanying this article.  I chose a photo that doesn’t have the Nest Cam so you could see what it looks like.  This mount plugs directly into the AC outlet.  Perfect in my opinion for the kitchen where it looks a little like a nightlight.  There is a short micro USB cable that connects the camera to the power and it looks very natural in this mount.  You can also place the camera in a traditional living room or foyer outlet and these still capture a nice quality view thanks to the extended wide-angle lens.

The purpose of these mounts is to help turn the Nest Cam and DropCam Pro into a better surveillance solution.  I think that Nest should be concentrating on a full set of alternative mounts for these cameras so they can better serve their marketed purpose.  it’s a lost opportunity for them that fortunately has been filled by a few clever third parties of which we mentioned in this article.  Combining these mounts with the excellent quality of the Nest Cam and DropCam Pro makes for an excellent monitoring solution.