How to Mount the SimpliSafe Keypad

SimpliSafe is incredibly flexible when it comes to mounting the components.  The SimpliSafe Keypad is no exception.  In fact, you don’t even have to mount it. This is one of a series of articles on mounting SimpliSafe components.  We will also cover topics such as mounting the SimpliSafe SimpliCam and SimpliSafe entry sensors. SimpliSafe Keypad Installation Technically, the SimpliSafe Keypad does not need to be mounted.  Since it’s battery operated, the keypad is fully portable.  This comes in handy when setting up new devices or perhaps would like to take it with you from room to room. Most will opt … Read more

SimpliSafe SimpliCam Mounting Options

It makes logical sense that SimpliSafe would add a home security camera to their product lineup.  The SimpliSafe SimpliCam was introduced as a supplement to their already strong and varies product selection. There are a few advantages to adding a SimpliSafe SimpliCam to your security system.  For those with a SimpliSafe security system, a feature known as video verification can be opted into.  This permits the SimpliSafe monitoring center to access video corresponding to an alarm event.  The video can be forwarded to law enforcement. Options to deploy a metal privacy shutter corresponding to the alarm system state is unique.  … Read more

How to Mount a SimpliSafe Entry Sensor

I can’t believe we never published any articles on mounting security system components.  Today, we will start a series of articles on this topic with the SimpliSafe Entry Sensor. SimpliSafe is one of the most popular self-install security systems out there.  Generally speaking, most people start off with a bundle of devices that include a base station and keypad.  The bundle has a bunch of accessories included of which the entry sensor is most common.  These sensors are attached to doors and windows to detect an intruder. As mentioned above, this is the first in a series.  We will also … Read more