How to Remove a SimpliSafe Entry Sensor

How to Remove a SimpliSafe Entry SensorSWe rarely talk about how to dismount anything on this site.  But in the case of a security sensor, it’s natural to want to relocate some of the components.  Today, we discuss how to remove a SimpliSafe entry sensor.

We previously discussed how to mount a SimpliSafe entry sensor.  We also published similar articles on mounting the keypad and how to mount the SimpliCam.

SimpliSafe is one of the most popular self-install security systems out there.  Generally speaking, most people start off with a bundle of devices that include a base station and keypad.  The bundle has a bunch of accessories included of which the entry sensor is most common.  These sensors are attached to doors and windows to detect an intruder.

SimpliSafe Entry Sensor Mounting Basics

Before we discuss how to remove a SimpliSafe entry sensor, it’s important to review how we got here.  It’s likely that you decided the current location is no longer necessary and want to redeploy the components.  Makes sense.  Why spend money on new components when you don’t need to.

A SimpliSafe Entry Sensor has two parts.  The larger part contains the communication technology and button used to initiate the pairing process.  The smaller half has a magnet.  When the magnetic bond is broken, a signal is sent to the SimpliSafe system.

How to Remove a SimpliSafe Entry Sensor

There are two methods for attaching either of these two components.  Adhesive or screws.

If screws were used, it’s a simple task of removing the top portion to expose the mounting plate and unscrew the plate.  Rinse and repeat.

But if you used the adhesive method, it’s a trickier task to remove the SimpliSafe entry sensor

First, let’s work on the entry sensor, that’s going to be a bit easier.  Remove the top portion.  You will be left with the base and will notice the rounded tape strip sticking out.  Now grab the rounded end of that tape strip and pull it while holding onto the base with your other hand.  Keep pulling.  It will eventually release itself from the wall.  With some luck (and a quality paint job) it will be removed without damaging the paint.

Now for the hard part which is removing the magnet portion.  These do not use an easily removable adhesive strip and requires more effort to remove.  These likely are attached to a metal or wood window frame.

As you can see from the photo that accompanies this article, a butter knife is going to be required.  So will a hair dryer.

First, warm up the area using the hair dryer.  This is going to soften up the adhesive strip.  With some luck, you may be able to simply pull it off.

But, if not, this is where the butter knife becomes useful.  Push the tip of the butter knife beneath the magnet portion of the sensor and keep pushing until the device comes off.

Now What?

Forget about reusing the adhesive strips.  It’s a one time use product.  Maybe you have some extras.  The SimpliSafe Entry Sensor uses 3M Command Strip Adhesive Tape to adhere to the windows, doors, and walls.

For the magnet portion, consider a roll of 3M VHB Tape.  VHB is an acronym for Very High Bond.  This is a permanent bond and isn’t meant to be relocated so be sure it’s in the proper position before using it.

If replacing the tape with either option, be sure to first remove all old tape remnants from the SimpliSafe Entry Sensor.  Be sure to apply at least 30 seconds of pressure when applying the new tape and then 30-seconds again when adhering it to the flat surface.


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