How to Mount a Ring or SimpliSafe Entry Sensor on a Door Frame

How to Mount SimplISafe Security SensorMounting a Ring or SimpliSafe entry sensor on a door frame can be a frustrating experience.  The sensors must be no more than a two inches apart.  If it’s greater than two inches, an alarm will sound.

We previously discussed how to mount a SimpliSafe entry sensor but did not address the issue of the potential of exceeding the two inch limitation.  This can occur when the frame is excessively raised versus the surface of the door.  Similar situations can happen on window frames as well.

Entry Sensor Basics

Just to review, an entry sensor has two parts.  The larger part contains the communication technology and button used to initiate the pairing process.  The smaller half has a magnet.  When the magnetic bond is broken, a signal is sent to the system.

Each component has an adhesive backing and screw holes.

The two components should be placed within 2 inches of each other when the door or window are closed.  It doesn’t matter which half goes on the door or window versus the frame.  As seen in the photo accompanying this article, I chose to place the larger half on the door.  Be sure to finalize your placement selection prior to mounting because once it’s on, it’s difficult to move.

If selecting the adhesive mount, clear away any dust that might be present on the surface.  Now peel away the wax covering the adhesive.  SimpliSafe recommends maintaining pressure on the device for 30-seconds to assure a good bond.

Each sensor comes with a set of screws which could alternatively be used for attachment.

All done.  Right?

Not Done!  The Door Frame is Too Far Away from the Door!

See the photo that accompanies this article?  That was a close one.  The door frame mount is barely two inches away from the sensor.  If the frame was a little thicker, there would have been problems!

Mounting a Ring or SimpliSafe entry sensor on a door frame should be easy but sometimes it’s not.

This is where a product called a riser comes into play.  The concept is pretty genius but fairly simple.  a block attaches to your door then the sensor attaches to the block.  This vital block will raise the sensor to the point where it is less than two inches from the magnet.  Once in place, the sensor works as designed.

There are a few products available that accomplish this.  Both work the same way.  Each attaches using the included adhesive strip and then the sensor attaches directly to the product.

One example for SimpliSafe sensors is the Security Sensor Riser Compatible with SimpliSafe Entry Sensors.  These are the ones that are made for SimpliSafe entry sensors.

And we have the Security Sensor Riser Compatible with Ring Entry Sensors.  These work with Ring entry sensors.

Investing a small amount of money will save you hours of headaches.  Nothing is ever as easy as they make it look on TV, is it?