SimpliSafe SimpliCam Mounting Options

SimpliSafe SimpliCamIt makes logical sense that SimpliSafe would add a home security camera to their product lineup.  The SimpliSafe SimpliCam was introduced as a supplement to their already strong and varies product selection.

There are a few advantages to adding a SimpliSafe SimpliCam to your security system.  For those with a SimpliSafe security system, a feature known as video verification can be opted into.  This permits the SimpliSafe monitoring center to access video corresponding to an alarm event.  The video can be forwarded to law enforcement.

Options to deploy a metal privacy shutter corresponding to the alarm system state is unique.  This allows the camera to only be viewed when the SimpliSafe alarm is armed away.

We will be doing a bunch of articles on SimpliSafe components.  We previously published an article on How to Mount SimpliSafe Entry Sensors.

Anyway, let’s move on to the mount discussion.

SImpliSafe SimpliCam Mount Analysis

The included mount is actually a heavy metal stand that slides into a groove located on the back of the camera.  It’s weighted so fairly stable.  There is no industry standard 1/4″ – 20 threaded tripod screw hole, so third party mounts are not going to be plentiful.  It’s a bit disappointing the camera doesn’t have the threaded tripod hole.  Many home security camera manufacturers seem to be heading in the way of proprietary mounts.

If you are planning to use your SimpliSafe SimpliCam on a shelf or a table, you’re good to go.  No need to add anything additional as the included weighted stand will serve you well.  Enjoy your camera.  You’re all set.

However, if planning to place the camera elsewhere, you might want to consider other mount options.  Especially places like a window or mounted to a wall.

SimpliSafe SimpliCam Mount Alternatives

Most cameras include mounting holes and screws for vertical mounting such as directly to the wall but not this one.

For wall mounting, consider the SimpliSafe Camera Wall Mount.  This comes with mounting holes and allows your SimpliSafe SimpliCam to be attached directly to a wall.  It facilitates pivot and swivel to get the best angle.  A nice idea fitting a popular requirement.

You might want to place the SimpliSafe SimpliCam pointing out a window, adhered to a mirror, attached to a kitchen cabinet, perhaps on a shelf where no shelf exists.

Consider the eLhook 4” White Stick-On and Removable Shelf For Cloud Security Cameras.  We have recommended this for a few cameras in the past, it will fit the SimpliSafe SImpliCam too.  No permanent adhesive is used to stick the ElHook shelf to the flat surface.  We looked at the ElHook in more detail not too long ago.

If using the camera to view out a window, be sure to turn off the front status light.  Also turn off the night vision as it will obliterate any late night image due to window glare.

The SimpliSafe SimpliCam without the stand is fairly light in weight.  When removing the stand you will notice the sides are angled and the camera can be mounted on a corner wherfe the walls come together.  Consider the use of 3M Command Strip Adhesive Tape to adhere to each side of the camera.  Nice part about this tape is that according to 3M,  it’s made to stick to walls and can be removed without damage.  From personal experience, I can vouch for that.

Another option, for those wanting an even more secure adherence is to consider using 3M VHB Tape.  VHB is an acronym for Very High Bond.  This is permanent and not easy to remove.  Be sure you want to opt for this type of adhesive as it will likely pull your paint off when it is removed.

The purpose of these mounting ideas is to help make this camera even more useful than it already is.  Adding some of these mounting accessories and ideas to the SimpliSafe SimpliCam allows the camera to be placed in some new locations.