RAM Tough-Claw Handlebar and Rail Mount Base

RAM RAP-B-400UThe RAM Tough-Claw Base is a recent introduction by RAM Mounts.  This augments a rather extensive line of well made handlebar mounts.  RAM makes great mounts and we have been recommending their products for rugged environments for a long time.

For many years, we have been recommending the standard RAM U-Bolt Handlebar Base for motorcycle use.  This base has been around for a long time.  It consists of a 1″ ball attached to a u-bolt base which accommodates rails up to 1.25 inches diameter.  The u-bolt is attached to your handlebar (or any round bar) using a pair of lock nuts.  Installation requires a wrench and the mount isn’t made for constant installation and removal.  It’s a rugged mount that is made to firmly grip your handlebars using tools and metal components.  Once you have it on your motorcycle, it’s there to stay.

The RAM Tough-Claw has several advantages over the RAM u-bolt base.  Unlike the former, this mount will attach not only to round handlebars but also square and odd-shaped rails and bars.  This makes it well suited for other purposes such as mounting on an aircraft yoke, seat posts of bicycles, kayak rails, warehouse racks and railings.

A second unique advantage of the RAM Tough-Claw is the ease of installation and removal.  The mount attaches somewhat like a vise.  Simply loosen the flywheel to open the claw, place it around the handlebar and tighten the flywheel.  That’s it.  No tools required.  Obviously make sure the mount is extremely tight and your positioning is complete prior to riding.  Removal involves loosening the flywheel and lifting upwards.  Takes no time at all.  There are pros and cons to ease of removal.  Easy removal could also mean easy to steal, so keep that in mind if choosing to leave the mount in place.

The Tough-Claw has rubber coated claws which open to 1.5 inches, a bit larger than the u-bolt.  The claws are rubber coated to prevent any marring of a chrome bar and with one side having a slightly irregular shape to accommodate rails that are square or irregular shapes.  The size of this RAM base is great for most motorcycle handlebar applications but they also make an even Larger Tough Claw which opens from 1″ to 1.875 inches (anything larger would require the RAM strap mounts).

A Tough-Claw takes up a bit more real estate on the handlebar versus the u-bolt.  It measures 1.18 inches wide and is 4.25 inches tall from the bottom of the mount to the top of the 1″ ball.  This 1″ ball is the standard for most RAM mounts.  The addition of a mounting arm and one of a variety of RAM’s custom holders or universal cradles will make this a complete solution for your device.

RAM has started to bundle some of their cradles and custom mounting accessories with the Tough Claw.  Readers of our site know our affection for the RAM X-Grip line of universal cradles.  RAM offers the RAM Tough-Claw Mount with Universal X-Grip Phone Cradle.  This is a nice solution for smartphones measuring up to 3.25 inches wide and integrates the expandable X-Grip phone cradle with a Tough-Claw and standard 3″ arm.

The ease of installation and removal makes the RAM Tough-Claw Base a nice solution versus other mounts.  It’s well constructed, made in the USA and comes with a lifetime manufacturer warranty.