RAM Seat Tough-Wedge Mount Product Spotlight

RAM Tough-Wedge MountI thought I saw it all in terms of mounting locations.  I was wrong.  The RAM Seat Tough-Wedge Mount has introduced a new location for mounting your device.

The RAM Tough-Wedge fits between the passenger seat and the console.  It is a seat wedge mount that fits in the gap between the vehicle seat and center console – you know the place where your credit card slips into and you need to get a stick to get it out?  That’s where this goes.  The Tough-Wedge can also be inserted into the pockets on the back of a front seat.

There are two models of the Tough-Wedge.  The model pictured is the RAM Seat Tough-Wedge Accessory with 1″ Ball Base which includes the standard 1″ ball so that you can add a RAM Long Arm for 1″ Balls and then a cradle assembly.  The other model is similar and does not include a ball.  I think the one with the ball is the most useful of the two models of Tough-Wedge since it already includes the ball that’s typically needed to mount anything.  While any of RAM’s arms for 1″ balls will fit, I’m recommending the long arm since it’s 6″ and needed to provide adequate distance between the seat gap and where the device will be located.  You want the device to be easy to see, so the higher up, the better.  Keep in mind that you can exceed the 6″ arm limitation by adding a second arm.  Read our article called Help My RAM Mount is Too Short for details on how to do that.

The RAM Tough-Wedge weighs over a pound without any arm or cradle and the weight is needed to keep it stable.  It measures 13.25″ by 8.25″ with a 1″ depth.  Since it’s pliable, it will fit seat gaps that are from .375″ to .875″ which is likely any passenger vehicle, but you should measure prior to purchase just to make sure it will fit.

This mount seemed like a strange one at first until I started to give it some thought.  Think of it as an alternative to a cup holder mount.  Although there are lots of cup holders in a car, some people actually use them all.  This mount provides a method to have your device directly above a vehicle’s console right where a cup holder might position it.  It’s very simple to install and remove.  Perhaps more so than a cup holder mount.

The mount also makes a great alternative for back seat passengers.  Place it into the pocket on the back of a front seat and then use the mount with a long arm to mount a smartphone or small tablet.  Perfect for back seat passengers needing some entertainment and is an alternative to a headrest mount.  Simply position it directly in front of the passenger and set it up before your drive.

Most will couple the Tough-Wedge with one of the RAM X-Grip cradles which we have written about extensively on this site.  A perfect addition for any smartphone is the RAM X-Grip IV for Large Smartphones.  These cradles open to 4.5″ so most smartphones with or without a case or skin are going to fit well.  The cradle is very stable and often used on a motorcycle, so the vibrations of the car will not be a problem and it will remain stable.  For small to midsize tablets, use the RAM X-Grip II Cradle for Tablets.  This cradle opens to 5.75 inches so most tablets up and including an Apple iPad Mini will fit well.  Both of these cradles opens with one hand and in conjunction with the RAM arms we already discussed will completely pivot and swivel 360 degrees.  While it’s possible to use these for even larger tablets, I would consider a different mount because I just don’t think there is sufficient room at this location for a large iPad or Samsung tablet.

You can also couple these a variety of RAM’s custom cradles for GPS units and other devices by adding the arm and mounting diamond.

I’m never going to say that I’ve seen it all when it comes to mounts.  RAM continues to be one of a few innovators in this area so no surprise they were the ones to come out with something like this.  Like almost all other RAM products, these come with a lifetime warranty.