RAM Offers Versatility and Universal Fit with X-Grip Cradles

RAM X-Grip holders were first introduced several years ago with their uniquely designed X-Grip cradle for cell phones.  Since then, four additional sizes have been announced.  I would like to say there couldn’t possibly be room for any additions to the X-Grip line, but I’m betting we’ll be updating this post a few more times.

The X-Grip concept is to pretty basic.  Easy to get your device in and out and make it fit regardless of the presence of a case or skin.  Also, make it compatible with the basic RAM mounting components.  This last point is important as it permits you to use an existing mount and not have to purchase an entirely new setup.  If you already have a mount, just purchase a cradle and fit it to the mount.  Just make sure the ball size is the same.

The following sizes of RAM X-Grip are available.  All of these RAM X-Grip cradles come with a pre-molded 1″ ball attached to the back except the largest X-Grip III which uses the RAM-B-202U ball.

RAM-HOL-UN7BU (X-Grip) – For most basic smartphones.  For larger phones, try the RAM-HOL-UN10BU instead.

Minimum Width = 0.875″
(Devices at 0.875″ must be a minimum of 4″ in height to fit into holder)
Maximum Width = 3.25″
Depth = 0.875″

RAM-HOL-UN8BU (X-Grip II) – Small to Medium Tablets like the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7, Apple iPad Mini.  These also fit larger 7″ GPS units.

Minimum Width = 2.25″
(Devices 2.25″ in width must be a minimum of 7″ in height to fit)
Maximum Width = 5.75″
Depth = 0.875″

RAM-HOL-UN9U (X-Grip III) – Large Tablets like the full size Apple iPad, Samsung Galaxy Note 10, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1.

Minimum Width = 6.25″
Maximum Width = 8.1″
Depth = 0.875″

RAM-HOL-UN10BU (X-Grip IV) – Phablets such as the Samsung Galaxy Note, Note 2, Apple iPhone 6 Plus.

Minimum Width = 1.75″
Maximum Width = 4.5″

RAM-HOL-UN11U (X-Grip V) – Fits extra-large tablets such as the Apple iPad Pro and other 12″ display models.

Minimum Width = 7.25″
Maximum Width = 8.75″