RAM Motorcycle Mounts for Places Other than the Handlebar

RAM RAM-B-252Today, we are writing for those wanting to put a device on their motorcycle but but in a location other than the handlebar.  This request is more common than you might think.  Many motorcycles do not have a standard round handlebar.  In some cases you simply may not have sufficient space on your handlebar.

Fortunately RAM Mount has provided plenty of options for places other than the handlebar.  The most common non handlebar mount is the base for the brake or clutch reservoir.  Commonly used on Harley Davidson and Honda models like the Goldwing, the Ram Mount Double Ball Brake/Clutch Reservoir Mount works well and comes with replacement bolts for your motorcycle that are long enough to accommodate the old bolts plus the additional depth from the mounting post.  This mounting kit features the RAM-B-309-1U base which includes the bolts and spacers needed to attach to most Harley and Goldwing models.

The next most popular option is the mirror frame.  RAM makes two mounting bases for this purpose.  Part number RAM-B-252U uses an 11mm hole.  The RAM-B-272U uses a 9mm hole.  Just add screws and washers and these fit the mirror frame on your bike.

For reasons I never figured out, UK riders like to attach stuff to their fork stem.  Not terribly sure which models they use these for but they sure are popular across the pond.  The RAM-B-342U mounting base works with stems as small as 12mm.  The RAM-B-367U is a highly versatile mounting kit that includes a set of M8 bolts and is also very popular.  Lastly, there are mounting bases that attach to your reservoir cover.  The RAM-B-345U and RAM-B-346U are similar but have a ball in a different location.

RAM also offers a large array of flat surface bases with the most popular being a RAM-B-202U round base.  This part has a series of 6 holes that can be used to bolt down to any flat surface.  These are normally sold for marine use but I have seen them also installed on a motorcycle.  While I am not a fan of drilling holes on a motorcycle, if you are up to it, this is the part that you will likely use.

In 2013, RAM introduced the RAP-B-379-HA1U base which is made to attach to many HD model fairing holes.  Includes the one inch ball and a nut to fasten.  For those not afraid of drilling holes, check into the RAM-B-236U base which is a 3/8″ – 16 threaded post.

Lastly, RAM introduced a series of clamp bases that can be used called the Tough-Claw.  There are several part numbers that are part of this family of mounts.  The most common is the RAP-B-400U and are normally used on a handlebar but if you have a spot that can benefit from a quick install clamp component, use the RAP-B-400U.

All of these parts come with the usual RAM lifetime warranty.  Think about using a location other than the handlebar the next time you wish to add a device to your motorcycle.