Motorcycle Mount Speaker Systems

motorcycle mount speaker systemsSure, you could choose to go with a Bluetooth system so only you can hear the music, but what if you’re stopped in a park and don’t want to sit on a bench with your helmet on?  For those wishing to share their tunes with other drivers on the highway or simply don’t want to wear their helmet while sitting on a park bench, we present our article on motorcycle mount speaker systems.

There are a few considerations to take into account when choosing motorcycle mount speaker systems.  Figure all of this out prior to purchase because returning these kits can be a hassle.

First, the placement of the speakers and the amplifier.  Most systems will come with both.  The speakers are typically mounted on your handlebars.  The mount is normally attached to the speaker and there is a typical handlebar mount.  So be sure that the speaker mount will fit on your handlebar.  Also be sure that enough real estate is available to accommodate the speakers.  Most speakers are made to be fairly flush to the handlebar with perhaps an inch of space between the top of the mount and bottom of the speaker.  The amplifier is generally a rectangular box of varying sizes.  A good place to store this is under your seat or in your saddle bags but remember that you will likely plug your music device or smartphone into the amplifier via a 3.5mm sound cable so this means your phone or MP3 player would be kept near the amplifier under your seat.  An ideal solution to all of this would be a Bluetooth amplifier to avoid the cables altogether.

The next consideration is powering the amplifier and wiring motorcycle mount speaker systems.  Most can be hardwired directly to the battery system and have the typical positive and negative wires so be sure that you are comfortable doing this sort of work.  If not, take it to your mechanic and have him do it.  The speakers are connected to the amplifier typically with a wired connection so understand that you will need to hide the wires and secure them.  Be sure to measure the distance between the speaker location (likely your handlebars) and the location of your amplifier to ensure the included cables will be long enough.

Lastly, think about what you plan to plug into the speaker system.  If the device is your primary smartphone, and your amplifier is not Bluetooth capable, it will be in the same spot as your amplifier, which could be your saddle bag or under the seat.  This means no access to your phone and no power source for it either.  Loading music to an old smartphone or MP3 player would make the stowed smartphone a non-issue.

In the photo that accompanies this article is the BOSS Audio MC420B Bluetooth Motorcycle Speaker and Amplifier System.  This is one of those motorcycle mount speaker systems where you don’t have to worry about locating your smartphone where the amplifier is because you connect via Bluetooth.  The 3″ chrome speakers come with a mounting bracket that attaches to your handlebar.  This is a 2-channel system with a maximum 600 watt output.  

The PYLE PLMCA20 Motorcycle Mount Amplifier with Weatherproof Speakers offers dual chrome handlebar mounted speakers and an amplifier that your smartphone of MP3 player will plug into.  It comes with two 3” 50-watt weatherproof speakers and 100-watt amplifier.  You will attach your music device to the amplifier using the 3.5mm sound jack.  This system features volume, treble, and bass digital controls

A bit radical of a device, for those looking to save some money, and don’t mind recharging the system after each ride is the Scosche BoomBars Wireless Bike Speaker.  This is your basic round Bluetooth speaker which will connect to your device.  This is accompanied by a strap mount which attaches to your handlebar. The speaker features a rechargeable lithium battery which lasts up to 5.25 hours so you will need to take the speaker of the bike and recharge it frequently.  It’s a single 1.5″ speaker so may not be very loud but if you plan top use it when idle, that may serve you well.  There is an audio output port on the speaker so you could potentially pair this up with a second speaker on the other side of the handlebar.  Unlike a few of the previously mentioned motorcycle mount speaker systems, these are not weatherproof, so be sure to remove them when in inclement weather.