Spigen Tough Armor iPad Mini 4 Case Hands On Review

Spigen Tough Armor iPad Mini 4 CaseI always tell people to buy a case for their tablets and smartphones.  Drop it on a hardwood or ceramic tile floor and you will find out the hard way.  My old iPad Mini bit the dust so it was time for an upgrade.  The added protection of the Spigen Tough Armor iPad Mini 4 Case is a welcome upgrade that will likely save my butt from expensive repairs.

A small investment in a good quality case will pay for itself many times over.  I can’t begin to tell you how many times I hear horror stories from people who dropped their phone and paid exorbitant repair bills to fix their broken display.

A photo of the Spigen Tough Armor iPad Mini 4 Case accompanies this photo.  The iPad Mini 4 is shown with the kickstand in use.  We’ll get more to that in a moment.  It’s a solid case that doesn’t add much bulk to the device.  Some find less bulk especially important with larger devices such as a tablet.

The Spigen Tough Armor iPad Mini 4 Case is easy to put on.  It’s a bit of a tight fit which is expected on a quality case.  I’ve heard of cases that require a magician to install.  This isn’t one of them.

The case comes the same way as what I have seen in other devices where Spigen has cases.  It’s a one piece case.  Construction is a combination of flexible TPU and hard poly-carbonate.  For those that aren’t chemists, it has the consistency of rubber and plastic.  That’s the way almost all cases are made these days.  The combination, when made correctly, absorbs the impact from drops.

The case is fairly thin not adding too much bulk.  The Spigen Tough Armor iPad Mini 4 Case helps me get a better grip on the tablet.  I expect the case to provide adequate protection for my planned use of the iPad Mini 4 which is at home in the living room.

For those planning to go rugged, meaning a lot of outdoor use where extreme drop protection is needed should look at an Otterbox Defender or Lifeproof case.  Those cases cost more and add much more bulk.  However, they also provide more protection.

An integrated kickstand is tucked into the back of the Spigen Tough Armor iPad Mini 4 Case.  Carefully pull it away from the case and it facilitates an angled view of the tablet while standing up on a table or desk.  It’s a good angle if watching from the right angle.  The right angle being a typical desk.

The absence of an integrated screen protector isn’t a show stopper but is something to be aware of.  If looking for a case with an integrated screen protector, this isn’t the one.  This is a trend that I have noticed lately.  A lack of integrated screen protectors.  I suppose it has something to do with decreased sensitivity to touch.  When a screen protector is integrated as part of a case, it is normally much thicker and less sensitive versus the stand alone varieties.

The lack of an integrated screen protector on the Spigen Touch Armor iPad Mini 4 Case isn’t a show stopper for me.  If using your tablet at home, you might not need it.  If using it on the road, that might be a problem.  I can’t think of a time when I dropped my tablet at home let alone had the screen break.  Looking at my old original Apple iPad Mini, there aren’t any scratches on the display.  I think I’m safe without the screen protector.

So in summary, I like the Spigen Tough Armor iPad Mini 4 Case for indoor use.  It’s a typical Spigen Tough Armor Case which is one piece construction, easy to install and reasonably priced versus the competition.