Eklipes Cobra Motorcycle Hardwire USB Charging System

The Eklipes Cobra Motorcycle Hardwire USB Charging System is an excellent addition for most motorcycles. It includes everything needed to enable  a power outlet onto your bike.

This hardwire solution is one of the most cost-effective and functional that I have seen.  If you are looking to power your device on your bike, this is what you need.  Most hardwire kits have a pair of bare wires, a fuse in the middle then either a 12-volt DC outlet or a mini-USB at the end without an on/off switch.  This power outlet includes not only a DC outlet but also a USB port and an on/off switch.  This means you can potentially plug your GPS charging or traffic cable as well as charge your cell phone at the same time.

This power kit includes a handlebar mount and has a chrome finish.  Most hardwires I have seen do not come with the ability to mount to a handlebar.  The Eklipes Cobra Charging System kit comes with the ability to mount to most handlebars and fits bars up to 1.25 inches diameter.  There is a 5 1/2 foot cable to attach the adapter to your battery and that should be long enough to make the trip from the battery to the handlebar.

The cable is in two parts.  The part that connects to your battery has two round leads attached to the red and black cables.  There is a connection at the end that will attach to the handlebar attachment.  The handlebar attachment has a short cable and the 12-volt DC outlet, USB port and on/off switch.  The ports have a waterproof cap that is another unique and very useful feature of this hardwire kit.  There is a 15 AMP fuse integrated into the kit.  The handlebar mount also has a locking plate mechanism which is a theft deterrent feature which I haven’t seen before in other hardwires.  Another nice feature.

The Eklipes Cobra cable includes the ability to attach to a standard motorcycle battery charger.  The included EZ Jump-Start battery harness is a 12 gauge female BMW jumper plug capable of handling over 2000 cranking AMPS.  Using the cable that connect to the battery enables the addition of the Eklipes Bike to Bike Charging Kit to enable battery charging from another motorcycle.  You can also attach the cable to a standard battery charger.  Just be sure this is a battery charger made to handle smaller motorcycle batteries, not one that’s made for a large car battery unless it has a step down feature.

I have been used to using the small hardwire kits that have a fuse box in the middle and a dangling cable at the end which is typically a mini-USB that fits a GPS like a Garmin Nuvi.  The Eklipes Cobra gives me the same functionality as my SUV.  I can charge an Apple iPhone directly using my Lightning Cable plugged into the USB port.  If I want to use a Garmin GPS with the traffic cable built into the charger, I can use that cable and plug it into the DC port that’s now mounted right on the handlebar.

The Eklipes Cobra Motorcycle Hardwire USB Charging System is a great addition for a motorcycle that doesn’t have any utility power sources already built-in at the factory.  This chrome kit is also available in a black finish.