Easily Portable Motorcycle Phone Mounts

The RAM Touch Claw Mount is my favorite in the category of easily portable phone mountsWe have plenty of articles on this site about cell phone mounts and holders for motorcycles.  The vast majority of them require tools like a screwdriver or wrench to install.  These mounts are made to be installed and left on the motorcycle when not in use.  Today, we are discussing mounts that are made to be easily installed and most importantly, easily removed.  For the purposes of definition, easily portable motorcycle phone mounts means that the holder installs without any tools and takes no more than a minute or two to install and remove.

As we consider portable motorcycle phone mounts, I’m throwing in a few important requirements.  The mount needs to have a universal cradle that will expand to fit the majority of phones out there with or without a case.  The mount also needs to be secure both on the motorcycle as well as gripping the phone.

Easily portable means the mount is going to attach to the handlebar.  All the other locations, such as a clutch or fork stem require tools.  This means that you need to ensure that there’s ample handlebar real estate available for a phone mount.  If the mount has  somewhat flush fitting, add the width of the phone, potentially in landscape, to the free handlebar space.  If there isn’t much handlebar space, select a mount that has an extension built in so that the distance between the phone and handlebar is a few inches or more.

There are a wide variety of mounts and holders that are portable.  Many are poorly constructed of inexpensive plastic and fragile cradles that can spring open on a vibrating motorcycle.  Be cautious to select a mount that will stay put and keep your phone safe.  Here’s a few recommendations for easily portable motorcycle phone mounts based on our more rigid selection criteria.

The RAM Tough-Claw Base with X-Grip Holder for Large Phones is in use in the photo that accompanies this article.  It’s extremely well made with most of the components being made of metal.  This is the mount that would be recommended if you don’t have a lot of handlebar space.  The included 6-inch arm lifts your phone off the handlebar and you only need to factor in the width of the claw which is 1.18 inches.  The claw itself opens to fit handlebars up to 1.5 inches in diameter.

We wrote a detailed review on the RAM Tough-Claw Handlebar and Rail Base awhile back that can be referenced for more information on how the base works.  It’s easy to install and remove.  The included X-Grip cradle is very easy to open and close.  We wrote a detailed review on X-Grip cradles that can be read as well.  This particular X-Grip cradle that’s included opens up to 4.5 inches which is large enough to fit almost any phone with or without a case.  This is large enough to fit the extra large Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge or Apple iPhone 6s Plus.  Your phone can rotate 360 degrees in the cradle.  The company has a lifetime warranty on all parts of this mount.  I also like the fact that a safety tether is included with these cradles for added security.

The RAM Tough-Claw Mount with Universal X-Grip Phone Cradle is a smaller and shorter version of the prior mount.  It includes the same Tough-Claw base that opens to 1.5 inches.  The included X-Grip holder doesn’t open quite as wide as the other mount.  This one accommodates phones up to 3.25 inches.  That’s large enough for most phones but not quite large enough to fit the largest phones when using a case or skin.  This mount isn’t quite flush on the handlebar, but it does lack the 6 inch arm from the other mount.  This is a ball and socket design so your phone can rotate into landscape or portrait.  This also comes with a safety tether.  The manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty on this mount.

These are both excellent well made mounts that can handle the vibrations of a motorcycle.  Each of these mounts include a safety tether which should be used for added security.  Any mount on a motorcycle should be installed and adjusted prior to riding.  Be sure to open your app before the ride begins and refrain from interfacing with the device while driving.