Drink Holders for a Boat

Drink Holders for a BoatDrink holders for a boat.  You can never have enough.  Sometimes, you have none.  We are going to look at ways to add cup holders to your boat.

Placing your drink in any marine environment isn’t as straight forward as putting a mug on your living room coffee table.  Unlike a boat, your home isn’t going to move from side to side.  This means that you need a method to hold your drink stable and not let it tip over or have the contents splash out of the cup, glass, can or mug.  Outside of sipping your drink out of a capped bottle, there are a lot of different ways to keep your beverage from spilling out but at the heart of the problem lies a simple physics solution that uses the weight of your container and the pull of gravity to keep your drink level.

There are a few different locations to place a drink holder.  A lot of people choose a mount that will bolt to a flat surface.  The RAM Flat Surface Mount with Self Leveling Drink Holder is a solid choice.  The mount consists of a 2.5 inch diameter metal base with pre-drilled holes for mounting.  There is a 3-inch metal arm in the middle with a socket on each end to allow adjustment.  The self leveling drink attachment is unique to RAM.  There is a caddy on the end and a ball on the other end.  A pendulum is attached to two sides of the drink holder so that the cup holder can react to motion and keep your drinks level.  It’s a unique feature that’s been in use in some pretty rocky environments including boats and motorcycles.  This mount, just like all the others from RAM, come with a lifetime warranty.

Most boats have a lot of smooth flat surfaces which means that a suction cup might do the trick without having to drill holes.  The RAM Suction Cup Mount with Self Leveling Drink Holder pairs a 2.2 inch vacuum lock suction cup with the self leveling drink holder found in the prior mount.  The suction cup and drink holder are connected using a 3-inch arm.  The mount can swivel at the base as well as the tip of the 3-inch arm.

Others will prefer a mount that clamps to a rail.  The RAM Tough Claw with Self Leveling Drink Holder is a great choice for rails.  This mount features the excellent Tough-Claw base which we previewed in greater depth here.  This mount will attach not only to round surfaces but also square and odd-shaped rails and bars.  Simply loosen the flywheel to open the claw, place it around the rail and tighten the flywheel.  That’s it.  No tools required.  Obviously make sure the mount is extremely tight and your positioning is complete prior to riding.  Removal involves loosening the flywheel and lifting upwards.  Takes no time at all.

All three of these selections come with a lifetime warranty.  Most components are constructed of marine grade powder coated metal or rugged plastic to hold up to marine use.