How to Install a RAM Motorcycle Handlebar Mount

How to Install a RAM Motorcycle Handlebar MountLook at all those parts!  It might look a little daunting but it’s actually quite easy to install a RAM motorcycle handlebar mount.  This article will walk you through the process.

The common components to any RAM motorcycle handlebar mount are the RAM Zinc Coated U-Bolt Mounting Base with 1 inch Ball and the Ram Mount Double Socket Arm.  While there are three different sizes of 1″ ball arms, I have found the standard size to work in most situations.  Typically, but not always, these are purchased as a kit along with a RAM Mounting Diamond.  These components are what is used to attach a device to a motorcycle’s handlebar and to a RAM custom or universal holder or cradle.

The first and most complex component to discuss is the U-bolt base.  This has seven parts to it.  There is a metal u-bolt that is sold as zinc coated or stainless steel which attaches to a black part that has a ball on it.  The u-bolt comes with a composite adapter which can be added to fit smaller handlebars down to .5 inch diameter, but also can be used for larger installations and helps to prevent any marring of stainless steel.  There are a pair of nylon tightening nuts and two rubber end caps that go over the end of the u-bolt.

Choose a mounting location that will permit safe use of your RAM motorcycle handlebar mount.  A wrench or pliers will be needed to install the u-bolt assembly.  Do not try to hand tighten as that will not provide adequate tightness for motorcycle use.  You must use a wrench or pliers.  Place the u-bolt under the handlebar and place the ends through the holes on the black part with the rubber ball molded to it.

Next, place the tightening nuts over the two threaded ends on the u-bolt.  Tighten the ends with your wrench or pliers but do not tighten all the way yet.  Place the composite adapter at the bottom of the u-bolt and hold it in place while alternately tightening the two nuts the rest of the way.  Place the end caps over the tips of the u-bolt.  Your mounting base is now installed.

The next part is the double socket arm.  We wrote an extensive article on these arms which can be read here.  The arm has a tightening flywheel in the middle.  Turn the flywheel counter-clockwise sufficiently so the arm will fit over the 1-inch rubber ball on the base that was just installed on the handlebar.  Add the diamond adapter or universal cradle on the other end of the arm.  Now tighten the flywheel clockwise until tight.  The installation of your RAM motorcycle handlebar mount is complete.

There are a few hints that I can pass on when installing a RAM motorcycle handlebar mount.  First of all do not apply any solvent such as Loctite to any RAM Mounts.  It eats away at plastic and nylon and will compromise the stability of the mount.  My second piece of advice is to apply something underneath the u-bolt to prevent marking up the handlebar.  I like to use a wide rubber band that I have cut in the middle.  You can also buy some rubber shims at a hardware store.  Lastly, be sure to think about how you wish to position your device before installation.  These mounts aren’t made to be easily removed so once it’s installed, these typically stay where they are.  A little prior planning will save a lot of rework later on.