RAM Snap Link Mounts Overview

RAM Snap Link MountsRAM Snap Link Mounts have been around for a long time.  The RAM Snap Link Mounts are the ones that have the numbering prefix that starts with RAP-SB.  These are the smaller siblings of RAM’s extremely successful 1″ ball mounts.  The RAM Snap Link concept is similar to the typical 1″ rubber ball variety yet very different.  I’ll explain the differences and talk about where you might want to use a RAM Snap Link Mount versus other varieties.

The RAM Snap Link Mount uses a 3/4 inch ball and are made of composite plastic.  The 3/4″ ball is not compatible with the Garmin 17mm ball – this is a mistake that I have seen some buyers make with these mounts.  There is a RAM Snap Link part that can convert the 3/4 inch ball mount to a Garmin 17mm. However the Snap Link ball on its own isn’t going to fit into the back of a Garmin Nuvi GPS cradle’s socket.  It’s going to come in at about 2mm too small.

RAM Snap Link Mounts are typically used when a bear-flush mounting scenario is what’s needed.  Unlike the larger 1″ ball mounts that have longer arms ranging to 6 inches, the Snap Link doesn’t have an arm.  The cradles typically attach directly to the base or can use a very short Snap Link connector.  These connectors do not use the typical RAM flywheel for adjustment.  The short arms are adjusted to the desired angle then tightened using a screwdriver.  These are generally not adjusted on the go.  You set them up prior to the journey and they stay put in that position.

RAM Snap Link Mounts are typically used with phones and handheld GPS units.  As previously mentioned, these are the mounts used when a near flush position is necessary.  An example as to when these would be used is on my new 2016 Nissan Murano.  This SUV is built like a space ship.  The front windshield comes down at a dramatic slope.  Typical dash mounts are too high.  This is where the Snap Link comes in.  The RAM RAP-SB-178U Flex Stick on Base with Snap Link Mount is the base that I would recommend if looking to use one of RAM’s holders that require the diamond-shaped connection.  This base is going to hold the device an inch or two off the dash and would fit my spaceship on wheels.  The included adhesive disks will adhere to most clean surfaces.

A favorite Snap Link mount of mine is the RAM EZ-Strap Mount with Short Arm and Diamond Adapter Base.  This variety of Snap Link is excellent for a handlebar.  It’s also perfect for square rails and irregular shapes where a strap mount is going to work better than a suction cup or adhesive base.  Like the prior mount, this mount has the diamond pattern that most of RAM’s custom cradles need.  Most handlebars are 1 – 1.25 inches diameter but this will fit all the way up to 2.58 inches.  The mount will rotate 360 degrees to support portrait or landscape mode and can pivot on an angle.  The device will sit near flush with the handlebar or rail.

You may also see Snap Link listed as a Mighty Buddy Mount.  At least that’s what the suction cup variety is called.  The RAM Mighty Buddy Suction Cup Mount with X-Grip Cradle pairs RAM’s top-notch X-Grip cradle with an excellent vacuum suction base.  Like the other mounts we discussed, this will have your device seated near flush to the flat surface.  I wouldn’t recommend these for my Murano’s front windshield as it will not support the extreme slant too well.  These are great for a side windshield.  Also good for non auto use for attachment to an indoor non porous flat surface.  Like a window.  Perhaps a cabinet.

The RAM Snap Link Mount line has its place in the mounting world.  When a near flush application is needed, this is the place to go.  Coupled with the typical RAM lifetime warranty, these mounts should last quite awhile for your unique application.