RAM Mount Extensions

RAM RAP-BB-230-14-201UA perceived limitation of RAM Mounts is the length.  A lot of RAM Mount owners aren’t aware of the many ways to extend the mount beyond the base arm.  Yes, there are ways to extend your mount beyond the three inch arm.  Today, we discuss RAM Mount extensions in detail.

The premise behind a RAM Mount extension is fairly simple.  Put a one-inch ball on each end and then have a good sturdy metal rod in the middle.  Attach an arm on one end, another arm on the other end.  Or is that simple?

There are a few small details to remember when considering RAM Mount extensions.  First, is the environment you are using the mount in.  The longer the extension, the greater the chances that vibration may affect it.  So if you are elongating your RAM Mount significantly on a boat and have a camera on the end, you will want to experiment a bit with the length.  Before long (pun intended), the shake could be so significant that you get dizzy watching the video.

A second detail to keep in mind is the way that you extend most RAM bases is to use two arms.  So you will likely need to buy an additional arm for the other end of the extension.  Some of the extension arms from RAM come with a second arm as part of the total package.  You can save some money that way.

The last thing to remember is to check your ball size.  The majority of RAM Mounts for devices like cameras, GPS devices, cell phones and tablets use a 1-inch ball but there are a lot of 1.5″ balls in use for marine electronics.  We’re going to concentrate on 1″ balls in this article.

The most basic of RAM Mount extensions is the RAM Double Ball Extender.  You would add another arm to connect to the other end of the double ball adapter.  Using a 6″ arm on each end will give around a foot in length and will be very stable.  I know of users that have connected three arms together using two of these extensions.  Try to avoid that configuration.  Bolting on a third arm might prove to be unstable especially in a high vibration environment.  The part is made of metal with rubber balls on the end.  Lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.

I like the RAM Mount 14 Inch Extension Pole with Second Arm because it provides a pole and a second arm.  Great value in a 14″ extension.  This is going to attach to any RAM 1″ ball component.  The pole by itself measures 11.75 inches end to end.  The added arm brings the total extension to 14 inches.  All components are plastic or stainless steel so this part is good for almost all outdoor applications including salt water.  The pole floats which is great if you only dropped the pole into the water.  You know where I’m going with that.  Be care when using these to ensure your expensive device seated at the end isn’t going for a swim.  RAM has several lengths on these.  All the way up to 24 inches.  Lifetime warranty on these too.

So what if you need to go longer than the limits of these RAM Mount extensions?  Put two together.  That can help you to approach several feet.  Always keep stability in mind when using any of these extensions.  If it’s unstable when sitting still, it’s going to be unstable when moving.  Keep safety in mind and don’t push the boundaries of physics.

So there are a few additions to your RAM Mount for additional length.  These RAM Mount extensions when added to your base will enable you to reach new heights with your device.

Be sure to read our primer called RAM Mounts for the Common Man (or Woman) that gives a great overview of this excellent product line.