RAM Motorcycle Brake and Clutch Reservoir Bases

RAM Motorcycle Brake and Clutch Reservoir Base with Dual Ball AttachmentsRAM Mount offers a variety of motorcycle brake and clutch reservoir bases.  These bases have been available for many years and is the base for the mount that’s used for those that do not have a traditional handlebar or simply want to mount their device somewhere other than the traditional handlebar.  It’s extremely popular with Honda Goldwing owners as well as Harley-Davidson people.  This base forms the basis for custom configurations when paired with RAM’s huge selection of  custom cradles as well as their universal X-Grip holders for phones and tablets (you can read a detailed article on X-Grip cradles here).

There are several varieties to choose from and all are constructed of powder coated marine grade metal.  Like most RAM Mounts, these are built on a ball and socket design with shock absorbing technology.  The design provides the ability to pivot and swivel.  The shock absorbing technology lies in the rubber ball which is sandwiched between the metal arms of the extension.  This provides an extraordinarily solid mount as can be evidenced in this Youtube Video shot using a similar mount with a camera adapter added to it.  Almost looks like it isn’t on a motorcycle.  These are good mounts.

All of the mounts attach to the clutch or brake reservoir in a similar fashion.  There are several sets of bolts, one is metric, the other is US.  You will replace the bolts that currently are in place from the manufacturer.  Spacers are provided but aren’t always necessary, it depends upon the installation.  On a scale of 1-10, this is a 5 in difficulty.  If you do not feel comfortable working on your bike, take it to a mechanic as there is a good chance he has seen these installs before.

For those that are knowledgeable of RAM Mounts, all of these have the standard 1″ ball and connect to the one-inch ball arms.  These bases come with a detailed installation sheet which needs to be followed carefully.

The most basic clutch base is the RAM Motorcycle Brake/Clutch Reservoir Base with 1″ Ball is the basic version of this type of mount.  This has the standard size 1″ ball.  There are two sets of bolts, washers and spacers as well as an instruction sheet.  The ball is going to sit roughly an inch above the clutch.  Attach it to a RAM arm and cradle and off you go.  A variant of this base is the RAM Motorcycle Combination Base with 1″ Ball.  This includes a metal u-bolt which is for attaching this same base to a handlebar that is up to 1.25 inches in diameter.  If you never have plans to use this on a handlebar, save a little money and simply get the first mount mentioned.

The next variety of clutch base is the RAM Motorcycle Brake/Clutch Reservoir Base with Dual 1″ Balls.  This is very similar to the first mount except there is a second ball molded to the base.  This is perfect for those that wish to mount two devices and only use a single mount.  This can be combined with a RAM X-Grip and perhaps a GPS holder.  Installation is exactly like the previously mentioned mounts.  It’s not a lot more than single ball variety so if you ever think there might be a plan to mount a second device, go with this base.  The second ball is quite unobtrusive and doesn’t get in the way when not in use.  A variant of this is the RAM Motorcycle Brake/Clutch Base with Removable Second Ball.  Like the name implies, there is a second ball included.  It’s installed or removed onto the base.  I prefer the variety where the ball is molded on, but that’s just me.