Phone, GPS and Drink Mounts for a BMW R1200RT Motorcycle

We look at Mounts for a BMW R1200RT MotorcycleThe BMW R1200RT is a touring motorcycle that has been around since 2005.  There have been one major design change since then.  Because of the lack of traditional handlebar where there’s some spare mounting space, this motorcycle is a bit more challenging to mount a phone, GPS, camera or drink holder.

The photo that accompanies this article is a BMW R1200RT.  This motorcycle owner has overcome the challenge of mounting his stuff.  He has a Garmin Zumo 590LM mounted to the fairing.  There’s a RAM X-Grip phone holder mounted to the center of where the handlebars attach.  The bottle of water wasn’t in a holder but he has several options to do that.  There are options to attach a holder to the reservoir cover as well as the gas tank cover.

So let’s look at some options for phone, GPS, camera and drink mounts for a BMW R1200RT.  Most of the mounts recommended will fit all years.  Some may not, especially those for 2014 to the current year.  Be sure to check the specifications as it pertains to your model BMW R1200RT.

Consider the Techmount BMW RT Motorcycle Center Mount with Techgripper.  This mount is excellent for a cell phone or GPS.  The metal mount attaches to the upper two bolts that hold the handlebar.  The end of the mount has a 17mm ball which is the exact size of the back of a Garmin Nuvi cradle.  The included TechGripper cradle is one of my favorites for use with a smartphone or GPS.  There is a socket on the back which fits onto the ball part of the mount.  The cradle is heavily spring loaded and opens to over four inches.  This is going to be large enough to fit almost any smartphone with or without a case or skin.

The next mount to consider uses the Ram Mount Motorcycle Handlebar Clamp Base with M8 Screws base.  This base attaches a one inch rubber ball to an M8 bolt.  This bolt size is common to most BMW motorcycle center mounted handlebars.  There are three different length screws with this base and you will select the length that matches your installation.

The reservoir cover is the next place to put a mount.  The photo that accompanies this article shows the cover with four screws on a BMW R1200RT.  The RAM Mounts Motorcycle Brake/Clutch Reservoir Cover Base with 1″ Ball.  This base doesn’t replace the reservoir cover.  It attaches to it using the replacement screws included with the base.  Be sure to follow the instructions included for the proper installation.

For most phones, attached to the RAM base will be the RAM X-Grip Cradle with Standard Arm for 1″ Balls.  We are big fans of the X-Grip cradle and wrote an extensive article on this line.  This cradle will open up to 3.25 inches and will hold most phones.  We appreciate the safety tether that comes with the X-Grip holder for added security.  The included arm attaches the cradle to the ball on top of the clamp base we just discussed.  The X-Grip cradles in a lot of different sizes to fit phones all the way up to the largest tablet.  I wouldn’t exceed anything larger than a large phone or a GPS on a BMW R1200RT.  I think that anything larger will block the controls.

For a drink holder, you can also turn to RAM and attach the RAM Mounts Drink Cup Holder with Arm.  This includes an innovative self leveling drink holder.  This is perfect for holding a bottle of water securely.  The arm fits the one inch ball on either of the bases we just discussed.  Once attached to the ball, there is a ball and socket adjustment points at the base and the cup holder.

The locations we discussed are the best for mounting a GPS, phone or drink on a BMW R1200RT.  Both RAM and TechMount have been around a long time, make their mounts in the USA and offer great warranties with their products.