Mounts for the myQ Smart Garage Camera

Today we will be looking at some mounting ideas for the myQ Smart Garage Camera.  It’s one of those niche security cameras that is best suited for owners of a garage door opener that works with the myQ ecosystem.  That’s primarily Liftmaster and Chamberlain.

It’s a basic camera that integrates into the myQ application that allows the user to see what’s outside the garage door as it opens.  It aligns the video image into the history log to permit fast reference of the associated video.

The myQ Smart Garage Camera has a very similar footprint to a Blink Mini except it includes a magnetic base.  Most Liftmaster openers have a metal casing so, by default, this camera attaches to the bottom hanging upside down.  Smartly, the app has a feature that permits flipping the image 180 degrees.

myQ Smart Garage Camera Mount in the Box

A myQ Smart Garage Camera is featured in the photo that accompanies this article.  The camera is attached to a Liftmaster garage door opener.  This is mounted as intended by the manufacturer.  It’s attached magnetically and is hanging upside down.

Not a bad design.  It’s very functional.  The camera can swivel and pivot.  If your intention is to attach the camera onto the bottom of your metal garage door opener casing, stop here.  There’s no need for a different solution.  This should work great as designed.  The camera has a 130 degree wide angle lens so placing it as seen in the photo is as good as you will get.

If you need to mount this to a wall or other surface, there is a round metal adhesive disk.  Adhere the disk to the mounting surface, let it set overnight, then attach the camera to the metal disk.

There are a downside to the metal disk.  It’s a permanent mount which will potentially damage the surface it’s being stuck to.

Let’s look at a few alternatives and recommendations.

Alternative Mounts

Consider the eLhook 4” White Stick-On and Removable Shelf For Cloud Security Cameras.  We have recommended this for a few cameras in the past, it will fit the myQ Smart Garage Camera just fine.  No permanent adhesive is used to stick the ElHook shelf to the flat surface.  We looked at the ElHook in more detail not too long ago.

The second mount to consider is the Easy Outlet Shelf by Mount Genie.  This is a great mounting solution for those that may not have another outlet handy near the garage door opener.  Just pop this on the Easy Outlet Shelf which attaches to the existing outlet plate.  The attached shelf is ideal for mounting this camera.


The purpose of these mounting ideas is to help make this camera even more useful than it already is.  Sometimes, the placement intent of the manufacturer does not suite the owner of the camera and other ideas are needed to make it functional.  Adding an outlet shelf or wall shelf can potentially get you past restrictions caused by a lack of power outlet or a difficult to find location.  The myQ Smart Garage Camera is a solid camera that is worth using to keep an eye on your garage.