Mounts for the SmartAlarm Spot Security Camera

Mounts for the SmartAlarm Spot Security CameraToday we will be looking at some alternative mounts for the SmartAlarm Spot Security Camera.  If you’re thinking this camera looks an awful lot like a Wyze Cam, you’re right.  While it shares the same material design, the software is completely different, as is the company that distributes this camera.

The SmartAlarm Spot is one of the smallest mainstream security cameras we have seen.  The attached mounting stand folds up under the camera.  The camera can swivel and pivot.  This versatile mounting system, included with the SmartAlarm Spot camera at no additional charge is excellent for leaving your device on a shelf or table.  It will work great on any flat surface.  If that’s the intended location, stop reading, you already have everything needed.

The included stand is weighted with a magnet.  This means you can attach the SmartAlarm Spot to a metal vertical surface like a filing cabinet or a refrigerator.  That’s a unique feature and will work well if your intended destination is a metal surface.

The SmartAlarm Spot comes with a wall mount bracket and a set of screws.  Simply place the included mounting bracket against the wall, mark off the four holes and insert the wall anchors.  Now place the bracket over the inserted wall anchors and drive the screws through the four holes on the bracket and into the wall anchors.  The magnetic bottom attaches to the newly installed bracket.

There might be other places you want to place the SmartAlarm Spot camera.  A lot of home security cameras have a 1/4″ – 20 threaded mounting hole which is common to tripods.  This makes finding alternative mounts a lot easier.  Unfortunately the SmartAlarm Spot doesn’t have one of those so alternative mounts require some creativity.

Let’s look at a few scenarios and recommendations.

You might want to place the SmartAlarm Spot pointing out a window, adhered to a mirror, attached to a kitchen cabinet, perhaps on a shelf where no shelf exists.  Consider the ElHook Stick-On Nest Cam Security Video Wall Mount.  While this stand is marketed towards a Nest Cam, it will fit the SmartAlarm Spot just fine.  No permanent adhesive is used to stick the ElHook shelf to the flat surface.  We looked at the ElHook in more detail a short time ago.  A photo of this mount accompanies this article.

The SmartAlarm Spot is very light coming in at around 4 ounces.  It doesn’t take a lot to hold it up so you can keep it simple use some 3M VHB Double Sided Tape Squares.  VHB is an acronym for Very High Bond.  This type of adhesive is used to hold objects heavier than the SmartAlarm Spot .  Simply attach it to the top or side of the camera and attach the other side to a clean flat surface.

The purpose of these mounting ideas is to help make this camera even more useful than it already is.  The minimal size and weight open a lot of possibilities that aren’t present with larger home security camera options on the market.  Adding some of these mounting accessories and ideas to the SmartAlarm Spot allows the camera to placed where other larger ones cannot go.