Mounts for the Amazon Cloud Cam

Amazon Cloud Cam on elHook Mounting ShelfThe Amazon Cloud Cam is the latest entry into an ever-expanding field of home security cameras.  It’s a good camera for the price, including a lot of high-end features and is very easy to set up and use.

The camera is attached to a swivel ball that is attached to a plastic stand.  The round plastic base is sufficiently balanced so as to prevent the camera from tipping over when stood upright on a table or shelf.

The included wall mounting kit can be added to the bottom of the round base.  This mounting kit comes with a set of wall anchors and screws.  Use this to attach to a wall or ceiling.  An additional Amazon Cloud Cam Replacement Mounting Kit can be purchased if you lost the original or simply want the ability to port the camera from one location to the other without having to unscrew the mounting kit from the wall or ceiling.

There might be a need to mount your Amazon Cloud Cam in places beyond a shelf or table.  Perhaps, it’s inconvenience to put a pair of screws into the wall or ceiling.  Let’s look at a few scenarios and recommendations.

You might want to place the Amazon Cloud Cam pointing out a window, adhered to a mirror, attached to a kitchen cabinet, perhaps on a shelf where no shelf exists.  Consider the ElHook Stick-On Nest Cam Security Video Wall Mount.  That’s a photo of an Amazon Cloud Cam atop one of these shelves. Although these are primarily marketed for a nest Cam, these fit the Amazon Cloud Cam just as well.  As you can see in the photo, it’s a perfect fit.  No permanent adhesive is used to stick the ElHook shelf to the flat surface.  Read our article called A Wall or Window Shelf for Nest Cam and Other Home Security Cameras for more detail on this mount.

A tip if you plan to use this camera for keeping an eye on things through a window.  Be sure to turn off the night vision because this will interfere by creating reflections on the glass at night.  You can do that using the settings within the app.

For a very clean and custom installation, consider the TotalMount Outlet Mount for Amazon Cloud Cam. Here’s an innovative solution that uses a power outlet as the mounting point for the camera.  This allows placement of an Amazon Cloud Cam in some non-traditional locations such as a hallway or doorway.  It’s a custom-made mount expressly designed for this camera.  A nice idea and it looks great.  It even allows access to the lower outlet for other purposes.

Looking to mount this camera on a metal filing cabinet or similar surface?  This is where the 2 in 1 Magnetic Wall Mount for Amazon Cloud Cam from Wasserstein comes in.  It’s another custom mount made specifically for this camera.  The bottom is magnetic so just stick it to most metal surfaces.

Obviously, logistics need to be taken into account on any of these mounting ideas as this isn’t a battery operated camera.  You need to plug it in and have to ensure the cable doesn’t get in the way of everyday use so be sure to keep things safe and sound.