EZVIZ HD Home Security Camera Mounting Options

EZVIZ HD Home Security CameraEZVIZ is a new one to us.  They make budget priced home security cameras.  The software functionality is actually pretty advanced.  Only drawback is that it lacks a free cloud option.  But, this isn’t a home security camera site, we talk about mounts.

There are a few advantages to adding a SimpliSafe SimpliCam to your security system.  For those with a SimpliSafe security system, a feature known as video verification can be opted into.  This permits the SimpliSafe monitoring center to access video corresponding to an alarm event.  The video can be forwarded to law enforcement.

Options to deploy a metal privacy shutter corresponding to the alarm system state is unique.  This allows the camera to only be viewed when the SimpliSafe alarm is armed away.

We will be doing a bunch of articles on SimpliSafe components.  We previously published an article on How to Mount SimpliSafe Entry Sensors.

Anyway, let’s move on to the mount discussion.

EZVIZ HD Indoor Security Camera Mount Analysis

The included base has a magnet within it.  This is an interesting feature that enables attachment to metal surfaces.  I’ve seen people attach these to file cabinets, ceiling lights and the side of a refrigerator.

Since the bottom is flat and somewhat weighted it can also simply stand on a table or shelf.

They also include round adhesive disks that can be used for a more permanent attachment to a vertical surface such as a wall.

There is no industry standard 1/4″ – 20 threaded tripod screw hole, so third party mounts are not going to be plentiful.  It’s a bit disappointing the camera doesn’t have the threaded tripod hole.  Many home security camera manufacturers seem to be heading in the way of proprietary mounts.

If you are planning to use your SimpliSafe SimpliCam on a metal surface, shelf or a table, you’re good to go.  No need to add anything additional as the included weighted stand will serve you well.  You’re good to go.

However, if planning to place the camera elsewhere, you might want to consider other mount options.  Especially places like a window or mounted to a wall without using the adhesive disks.

EZVIZ HD Indoor Security Camera Mount Alternatives

You might want to place the EZVIZ HD Indoor Camera pointing out a window, adhered to a mirror, attached to a kitchen cabinet, perhaps on a shelf where no shelf exists.

Consider the eLhook 4” White Stick-On and Removable Shelf For Cloud Security Cameras.  We have recommended this for a few cameras in the past, it will fit the EZVIZ just fine.  No permanent adhesive is used to stick the ElHook shelf to the flat surface.  We looked at the ElHook in more detail not too long ago.

If using the camera to view out a window, be sure to turn off the front status light.  Also turn off the night vision as it will obliterate any late night image due to window glare.

Another good mount for consideration is the WALI Wall Outlet Shelf.  Use these to add a shelf to an electrical outlet.  There is a small opening for a power cord.  You can use one of the adhesive disks from EZVIZ on the base of the WALI Wall Outlet Shelf for a more secure hold.  It’s a nice idea for keeping the camera out of plain view.  You can even locate it atop an outlet near the floor and simply tilt the camera upwards for viewing.