Blink Mini Pan and Tilt Mount Review

Today we had an opportunity to check out the Blink Mini Pan and Tilt Mount.  This camera was released in April, 2020 and now several years later, this mount was released to enhance the usefulness of the Blink Mini.

A Pan and Tilt camera can point left and right and up and down.  It’s totally controlled from the application.  Blink lacks one of these cameras.  Rather than come out with a new camera, they introduced this mount.  For that already have the camera and embedded into the Blink ecosystem, this is a worthwhile addition.

Blink Mini Pan and Tilt Mount Overview

A Blink Mini Pan and Tilt Mount is featured in the photo that accompanies this article.   The stand will double the overall size of the camera.  A Blink Mini is already attached.  The camera is not included with the mount.  That must be purchased separately but many may already have one they can put into pan and tilt service.

Detach the Blink Mini from the attached stand.  Do that by grabbing the camera with one hand and the stand with your other hand.  Now pull.

This exposes the attachment that connect to the Blink Mini Pan and Tilt Mount.  There is an included short cable to power the camera from the stand.

This mount integrates with the Blink app.  Setup is similar to the way you would setup a new camera.  We find most Blink owners have other cameras from this manufacturer so you are likely already familiar with this part of the install.

Here’s What You Can Do Now

The Blink Mini has a default field of vision of 110 degrees.  Adding the Blink Mini Pan and Tilt Mount triples this.  You can move the camera left, right, up and down.  That is all done from the Blink app.  After selecting your new camera in the app, a pan menu with four arrows appears allowing the user to move the camera wherever it’s needed.

Another great feature only available with this mount is the 360 Pan.  Access this feature through the “More” button.  The camera will do a complete pan of the room.  First panning all the way to the right then slowly going all the way to the left.  A complete view of the room.

There is also a Default View option in the “More” section.  This allows the user to select the resting position of the camera after performing a 360 Pan.

These are features found in a typical pan and tilt camera.  It’s a nice way to improve the coverage of your existing Blink Mini camera.


The Blink Mini Pan and Tilt Mount is a very worthwhile addition for owners of the Blink Mini. It enhances the ownership experience with a greatly enlarged field of view.  Amazon has these at an excellent price.

It’s a specialized mounting solution only for owners of the Blink Mini.  Now if someone would come out with a generic pan and tilt camera mount that would attach to other home security cameras with the tripod connection pattern, they would have a real winner.