Mounting a Blink Camera on a House Without Drilling Holes

We have written countless articles on mounting the Blink line of cameras all over the place.  Blink finally changed their mounts from something that was barely usable to one that’s very versatile.  Today we figure out some of the best ways for mounting a Blink camera on a house.  We’re going to also look at ways to do it without drilling any holes.

As we already stated, the original Blink mount left a lot to be desired.  We then raved over the improved Blink XT2 mount which was a very usable pivot mount but had a weakness when it came to a ceiling mount.  The Blink Outdoor camera included the redesigned Blink XT2 mount and added a ceiling attachment.

The Mount in the Box

The mount that is included with the Blink XT2 or Blink Outdoor is a little tricky to attach.  The round tip of the mount snaps onto the back of the camera but requires some force and coordination to do so.  It’s not difficult once you understand how it’s done.

Mounting screws are included for attaching to a flat surface.  The ball and socket design provides the ability to swivel and pivot allowing you to get a better viewing angle.  This is a very capable mount for vertical (as in wall) mounting applications.

An additional auxiliary attachment that can be snapped onto the back of the camera and then to the pivot mount to provide horizontal (aka ceiling) mounting capability in included.  That’s not likely to be used when mounting to  sided of the house.

Both of these mounts will attach to the back of the Blink Camera.  Just remove the round rubber cover that sits atop the screw used to attach the cover to the camera.  Now snap the round part to the vacated round hole.

The Blink Outdoor Security Camera has a 110 degree field of view.  Mount it as high as possible for the best view.  Ideally, the camera should be mounted in a corner to capture as much of the action as possible.

Mounting a Blink camera on a house is fairly easy with the stock mount however a drawback of this mount is that you need to drill holes in the side of the house.  It also is difficult to use this on vinyl siding, not to mention unsightly when you remove it.

Mounting a Blink Camera on a House without Drilling Holes

The photo that accompanies this article is the new Blink Outdoor Security Camera mounted on the side of a house.  In this case, it’s used to keep an eye on a generator.

We’ve deployed the LANMU Vinyl Siding Clips for this application.  These clips are fairly simple to install.  They are basically metal hooks with a hole and screw.  They utilize the mount that comes with the Blink XT2 and Blink Outdoor cameras.  That mount has two holes in the base.  You will use two clips, one for each hole.  Screw the base to each clip.  Now tuck the hook portion of the clip under the vinyl siding.

It’s a fairly decent fit into the siding but I found the screw connection to be a bit loose and suspect a different size screw length would make a difference but I’m ok with it for now.

These clips can probably be used for other purposes like holiday lights and definitely could be used for other security cameras that have a base with a wall mount screw.

Alternative Mounts for Mounting a Blink Camera on a House

There’s a few other methods for mounting a Blink camera on a house that do not require drilling holes.

Consider the Weatherproof Gutter Mount for Blink Outdoor and XT/XT2 Outdoor Camera with Universal Screw Adapter. This mount allows attachment of a Blink Camera to the lip of the rain gutter. There are two screw clamps which securely attach the mount to the front of the gutter. I use one of these on my home and with the exception of when the roof guy knocks it off the gutter, it works great.  Like the stock mount, this includes a custom adapter to fit the latch area for the battery compartment.

Another interesting idea is a suction cup mount.  A suction cup will attach to anything smooth and flat.  Think about windows or the side of a metal file cabinet.  Even a tabletop might make a suitable location.

Consider the Wasserstein Suction Cup Mount with Universal Screw Adapter Compatible with Blink XT2 Outdoor & Indoor Camera. This mount incorporates a suction cup attachment with that custom adapter needed to attach to the back of the camera.


Anytime I can avoid drilling holes in the side of my house, I do it.  Mounting a Blink Camera on a house can be done without drilling holes by using one of these alternative mounts.

A related topic to this subject is Mounting the Blink Sync Module which is worth a read if having some challenges finding a good central place to put this critical component.