Beverage Mounts for Thirsty Motorcycle Riders

Beverage Mounts for Thirsty Motorcycle RidersWhen we first heard about motorcyclists drinking their favorite carbonated beverage or coffee on their motorcycle, I thought it was a joke.  After seeing some of the mounts available for mounting on a motorcycle’s handlebar or clutch, I now know it’s a lot more popular that I thought.

Turns out there are a handful of companies that manufacture mounts for motorcycles that feature a beverage holder.  Most attach to your handlebar and feature an extension to hold your cup or can.  Some even feature an insulated holder.  We took a look at three companies that make these types of mounts.

Kruzer Kaddy is a company that specializes in these types of mounts.  The Kruzer Kaddy 200 Chrome Handlebar Mount is one of their most popular mounts for drinks.  Made in black and chrome, these are solid mounts that offer good value.  These attach to the handlebar or clamp.  These mounts typically do not cost much but lack what is a key feature from some other manufacturers which is a self leveling feature.  This feature will minimize spillage as the cup holder part kind of goes with the flow of the road.  I suppose you can use the Kruzer Kaddy line quite well as long as your drink is covered or capped which I suppose is the case as they have been in business a long time selling these mounts.  This company specializes in drink holder mounts so you will not be able to use these for holding other electronics like a phone or GPS.

Kuryakyn makes a lot of motorcycle mounts with the Kuryakyn Universal Drink Holder Basket for Clutch/Brake Perch Mount being one of the mounts.  In addition to the clutch, this company also makes mounts that can be attached to your handlebar.  These mounts feature an easy release system that permits you to remove the majority of the mount and simply leave the base part installed on your bike.  Like the Kruzer Kaddy, these mounts do not have a self leveling feature so it works best with a covered beverage container.  Kuryakyn makes a wide variety of mounts for electronics but these mounts aren’t easily adaptable for other purposes.

RAM Mount, based in Washington, manufactures a drink mount which available in black powder coated aluminum.  The RAM Mount Drink Cup Holder with U-Bolt Base is an excellent handlebar selection.  Available with a lifetime warranty and bases to attach these to almost anywhere on your bike, these holders feature a self leveling feature to minimize spills.  Out of the three manufacturers, these are the ones to use when you are averse to putting a lid on your cup.  These also feature a quick release so that you can remove the majority of the mount and simply leave the base remaining on your bike.  Since RAM Mounts are made to be interchangeable, you can easily use these mounts with some of RAM’s other components such as a phone, GPS or small tablet.  It’s simply a matter of changing out the cup holder attachment for a different holder.  The drink holder mount and most components are only available in black.

A mount for your drink on your motorcycle.  Never really thought of it before, but using these mounts makes it possible.